Holistic Health & Healing

Each seed that has been planted in us from the beginning, whether we’re aware of it or not, isn’t intended to stand alone, but to create a beautiful garden that is our life. Grow with me!

Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health and Healing Picking Stinging Nettles


I have a deep love and respect for Mother Earth.

Being in Nature is food for my soul. And it’s no coincidence that Ayurveda, the ancient system of mind, body, spirit medicine that has been instrumental in my own healing, is deeply rooted in Nature and the elements.

Barbara Sinclair Photography and Art Gallery photo featuring young girls’ birthday party with smiles


Get quiet, and pay closer attention to the little (and big) miracles all around us.

They make life so much richer, bringing Joy to new levels and sparking our creative fire, which I think is just the best feeling ever. Creativity, after all, is born in our second chakra, also home to our sensuality, sexuality, desire, and our emotions.

Thank you for the love!