I feel Mother Nature by my side as I guide others on their own healing journey. It's a Divine gift for which I am deeply honored and humbled.


When I was four years old my mother took me to my first art class in the basement of the Detroit Institute of Arts. I can still recall the smell of the clay and tempera paint – just writing about it brings forth a flood of memories. After class I would rush upstairs, past the refined paintings of the Masters to my favorite galleries in the Museum – the ones that housed the Native American, African and Egyptian art. An artist was born that summer and my love for abstraction was already flowering. The patterns on the masks and the mummies intrigued me, but most of all, I loved the lines. Fat ones, delicate ones, playful ones, neat ones, messy ones. Years later as a student at the Center for Creative Studies, I found myself bored to tears in figure drawing class or painting still lifes. I preferred the freedom I felt in the world of abstract art.


My art-making has had its peaks and valleys as it does for many artists. I often set it aside while raising two children – but eventually it would cry for my attention. And then there are the peaks and valleys of life. One morning I woke up with pain all over my body and began a fairly dark seven year period struggling with a chronic pain condition known as fibromyalgia. While my body seemed to be falling apart, so was my world around me. On a quest to manage my pain and discover the root cause, I was guided to explore all kinds of alternative practices. With fierce intent, a positive attitude, and help from some gifted healers, my body slowly began to repair itself. Ayurveda was the key that unlocked the mystery behind my condition. Today I am free from the pain of fibromyalgia and give thanks for the powerful lessons it taught me.


Inspired to help others find their way out of pain, I headed back to school – first the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, then many years studying Ayurveda and energy healing. Seems I’m a student for life. But as Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach.” And that, in a nutshell, is the reason for this site. After a 15 year stint living in New York City, I moved across the Hudson River to Jersey City. Though a lifelong city girl, I am forever seeking out Nature. I’ve learned what a powerful force of healing she is, as well as inspiration for my writing and my art. I was initiated several years ago as an Earth Keeper by the Q’ero shamans of Peru. It was a life-changing moment for me.  I feel Mother Nature by my side now as I guide others on their own healing journey. It’s a divine gift for which I am deeply honored and humbled.

Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health and Healing Pitta Dosha is like a lion
Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health and Healing Vata Dosha is like a hummingbird
Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health and Healing Kapha Dosha is like an elephant

Ayurveda is the root of many other systems of health which came later – Traditional Chinese medicine, Greek medicine, Tibetan medicine, etc. Even in our modern times, the basic principles still apply. Ayurveda is not about “quick fixes” when it comes to healing our body, mind and spirit. This ancient medical system always looks for the root cause of disease or illness – almost always beginning with our digestion. It is about prevention as much as healing.