An Environmental Issue Too Huge to Ignore

May 27, 2016

I know that a lot of you are headed out of town for the long holiday weekend. So, it’s probably not the best time to post, but I wanted to get this out while it’s fresh in my mind. File it away for later if you’re too busy to read it right now. But it’s an important one so I hope you’ll save it.

And chances are you’re spending some R&R time this weekend with Mother Nature so in some ways it’s perfectly timed.

An Environmental Issue Too Huge to Ignore

This past Wednesday night I was at the NYC screening of the documentary “Dear President Obama“, followed by a chat with filmmaker Jon Bowermaster and environmental activist and actor Mark Ruffalo (narrator).

There is so much important information that so few people will know about until perhaps it’s too late. I would feel negligent if I didn’t pass along what I learned.

Believe me, this has everything to do with holistic health and healing. Our very existence depends upon clean air, water, and earth.

“Dear President Obama” is being screened across the country, albeit not on a grand scale. I urge you to go to the website and see if it will be playing near you or keep an eye out for it when it comes to video.

“The film takes a cross-country look at drilling, highlighting its variety of contaminations, the stories of its victims, the false promise of an economic boom, with a focus on clean energy solutions that would allow us to proceed towards a future that does not rely on yet another dirty fossil fuel extraction process. Interviews with scientists, economists, health professionals, geologists, and whistle-blowers provide the core information we think will convince the current President and those that will follow to join the “anti-drilling” majority growing across the United States and call for fossil fuels to be left where they belong, in the ground.” – “Dear President Obama”

While President Obama has worked hard to shut down the dirty coal industry and has genuinely seemed focused on solutions for the climate crisis, it appears that his administration has done little to keep the gas/oil industry in check, in particular where fracking is concerned.

“Because of Obama’s complicity, more than 17 million Americans now live within one mile of drilling and fracking operations.” – “Dear President Obama”

These wells are often next to playgrounds, schools, on private property, next to nuclear power plants – they are everywhere.

The harsh reality is that the fracking of natural gas and oil and the disposal of the toxic wastewater needed in the process has resulted in dangerous levels of methane (and other toxic chemicals) being released into the atmosphere, water supply, and into the land near these sites.

Toxic Chemicals and Carcinogens Skyrocket Near Fracking Sites, Study Says –

California, a state we think of as progressive and health-conscious, has gone fracking crazy, thanks to Governor Jerry Brown. And unbelievable though it may sound, toxic wastewater, laden with chemicals is BEING SOLD TO FARMERS TO IRRIGATE THEIR CROPS!

This includes organic crops, as well.

The USDA does not require organic farms to certify the water they use on their crops.

How many of us eat fruits and vegetables from California?

Earthquakes are happening at a beyond-alarming rate in the state of Oklahoma because of fracking wastewater being stored in underground wells.

“In 2009, there were 20 quakes of magnitude 3.0 or higher, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Last year, there were 890. In 2009, no quake measured 4.0 or greater. Last year, 30 did.” – William Yardley, Los Angeles Times

Why isn’t this all over the news? Why aren’t we shocked about this?

Last year, the state of New York won a hard-fought battle to ban fracking. Thank you, Governor Cuomo.

The audience broke into applause over this because many of us marched and protested to help make that happen. But, let’s be honest, it’s tenuous, with the powerful oil and gas companies desperately wanting in.

When I watched the film and saw the aerial views of the decimated land where fracking is taking place – always in Mother Nature’s backyard – it made me sick and want to cry.

Well, I did cry, watching the film. It’s heartbreaking listening to the helpless victims forced to live near these sites with polluted air, land, and water. They’re sick, the land is sick, and they have nobody to advocate for them.

Our greed and lack of self-control where energy is concerned has put us in this situation and we are killing this planet.

“Dear President Obama” is a plea from the filmmakers for the president to rethink his energy policy and dramatically shift it towards more renewable sources.

Let’s be honest, though. As much as what the gas and oil companies are doing that damage the environment is horrific, we all share some of the blame.

I know it would be nice to bury our heads in the sand. But we can all do better and look at ways to lessen our dependence on these unsustainable energy sources.

This is just a humble little blog. But if only a handful of people who are maybe in the dark about this issue take the time to read further and educate themselves and then do something, anything – get the word out, change an energy habit, sign a petition, join a march – then writing this will not be in vain.

If clean water, air, and earth are important to you and your family, please do something.

Have a fun, safe weekend, and thank you for reading!

Much love,

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Barbara! I always figured I might experience an earthquake on a visit to my sister’s home near San Francisco, but I never thought experience my first earthquake in Oklahoma. I’ve experienced at least 5 in the past year in Tulsa. I look forward to seeing the movie!

  2. Angela McCallumore May 27, 2016 at 11:10 pm Reply

    Thank you Barbara for sharing this with us. I would like to see the movie.Big business is out for the money and not for the people or the environment. We all need to take an active part to help change that or life as we all know it will be changed for the worst and disease of all kinds will be worse then ever.
    Thanks Angela McCallumore

  3. Yes, Barbara, it is the new norm here. I’ve only felt about five of the hundreds that have occurred in Oklahoma!

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