Are You HOT?

July 15, 2016

I laughed out loud on our Sacred Ireland Tour when we were introducing ourselves one night and someone got up and said, “I’m so-and-so and I’m HOT!” I’d already noticed her getting on the bus bare-armed and bare-legged while I was bundled up from head to toe.

Do you run HOT? Does hot weather make you crabby?

Welcome to the world of Pitta Dosha.

Ireland and Scotland are both excellent choices for people with this constitution, by the way. And believe me, I saw many Irish and Scottish folks who had that Pitta look about them – red/blond hair, ruddy skin, walking around in short shirtsleeves in spite of the cold weather.

I returned home to hot weather (it’s 90 degrees right now) and realized that Pitta Season is in full swing here in the Northeastern US.

Pitta dosha by nature is hot, sour, sharp, moist, pungent, slightly oily, light and fluid.

During the hot summer months, all of these qualities are exacerbated. Ditto if you live in a year-round hot climate.

So, if you have a lot of Pitta dosha in your constitution, or you have a Pitta imbalance (possible, no matter what your constitution is), chances are the heat can unhinge you a bit.

So much of balancing the doshas is common sense. And common sense would be for Pitta-types to avoid scenes like the one above (tempting though it might be) – a beach on a hot summer’s day.

Really? Well, maybe if you’re in the water, with skin and eyes protected from the sun, or under the beach umbrella, a little time spent at the beach is okay. But definitely, avoiding the midday heat (Pitta hours!) is wise.

Anytime there’s burning in the body – skin, eyes, hot indigestion, hot blood, as well as hot emotions – Pitta is unbalanced.

Ayurveda teaches that learning how to pacify your own particular constitution is vital to your health – mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re new to Ayurveda or even if you’ve studied it for years – it can all get very confusing trying to figure out which dosha needs help the most. The majority of us have dual-dosha constitutions which need consideration. Also, our state of health is greatly influenced by the seasons, where we live, and even the time of day!

It’s helpful that we know both our prakriti¬†(the constitution we were born with) and our vikriti (our present state of health), but that we don’t obsess about either. Use them as a daily guide to strive for a healthy balanced life.

Take this easy quiz to discover your prakriti and vikriti.

So, are you HOT? Click here for a more comprehensive article on Pitta dosha.

And below are more excellent resources to help cool your fire. Pitta-types love learning. ūüôā

Stay cool, calm, and collected, and have a healthy, fun Pitta Season!

Much love,

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Managing A Pitta Constitution
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  1. Thank you Barbara always look forward to your inspiring, joyful, helpful newsletter! Love it!

  2. I’m always cold and need to take a jacket everywhere because of the a/c! I was told I was a tri dosha but I feel mostly Kasha/vata? What do you suggest?

    • Hi Linda, Well, Kapha and Vata are both cold. Sip warm/hot liquids throughout the day (ginger is a good choice for Vata/Kapha). Always being prepared with a sweater/scarf is a good idea. I have a really hard time in air conditioning. The best thing we can do is be aware of our Vikriti (present state of health) and act accordingly, on a day-to-day minute-to-minute basis. Just be aware.:)
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