Art & Ayurveda My Weekend Update

October 20, 2014

Yes, art and Ayurveda really do go together.

This past weekend I participated in the Jersey City Art and Studio Tour. Hundreds of artists opened their studios and live/work spaces to the public. I was one of them.

Having just moved to Jersey City a couple of months ago, it was a leap of faith that I would be ready to show my work. As of a few days before the event I still had stray boxes to sort through and barely any light in my apartment. I had been living by candlelight at night (not a bad thing to do, btw!)

Art & Ayurveda My Weekend Update

I’ve been in open studio events before but it’s been a while. And it’s a much different experience opening your home as opposed to just your studio. There can be a bit of a voyeuristic feel to it sometimes, but most everyone who came through last weekend was respectful and appreciative.

I had quite a lot of older work – huge panels that were like giant journal pages from a much darker time in my life. My angst and anxiety were written all over them. Turbulence, (my past fear of flying), Claustrophobia (self-explanatory), Misadventure (a difficult trip to Europe), Lost and Found (my transition from married to single and relocating to NYC), and Slow Down! (my dislike of any kind of speed – the fast kind, not the drug kind!) were just a few.

So you can see how vulnerable and exposed I could have felt. More than a few people asked me how I felt selling work that was so personal to a stranger. It’s probably no coincidence that these pseudo-journal pages rarely sell.


Detail of “Misadventure”

When I first hung some of these pieces in my new home in anticipation of the Studio Tour I was a little startled and taken aback at my raw past that hung before me. Did I really want this on my walls?

But after a few days I had detached from the pain of them and was able to see them for what they were – representations of incredibly difficult times in my life that had strengthened me and made me who I am today. And so, I was more than okay sharing my stories with these curious strangers.

A couple of days before the show I decided to print out some photographs. After all, photography has been my creative expression of late. And interestingly, that’s what sold. Of course, they were more affordable than the large paintings but I have to wonder if people just don’t want someone else’s “journal” hanging on their walls!



Five minutes before the show started on Saturday I decided to print up a flyer for a class on Ayurveda – my other passion. I put it on the table along with the information on my artwork.

Ayurveda1I ended up having wonderful conversations about Ayurveda, energy healing and art. They are all connected and the beauty of this weekend for me was to be able to bring them all together.

I already have several people signed up for the class. They are super-curious and enthusiastic. I even met the most light-filled young woman named Sarah who wants to connect and learn these healing modalities from me. She’s one of those rare individuals who radiates pure JOY.

Click here if you would like details on the class. I would love for some of you to join us!

I’m not a party person. I don’t like crowds and loud noise. I’d rather share a cup of tea with you than have to compete with music and lots of people at once. But I’m proud of myself for pushing beyond my comfort zone (Thank you, my friends for your support and encouragement – you know who you are!) and not letting the fear and anxiety win over.

If there’s one important lesson I’ve learned over the past few years of my studies (and I’m still learning this) it’s that once we begin learning our life lessons on our path, we MUST share them with the world – as Joseph Campbell so wisely taught in The Hero’s Journey. No matter how shy or introverted or disinterested in attention we might be, it’s hurtful to ourselves and others not to share our gifts. And so I did just that this weekend. It felt good.

Much love,

  1. Good for you! You can be an introvert, and still be a star, and you are!

  2. I’m so proud of you.

    I think tis says it all

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for all your newsletters, and especially for this one that gives me a boost to keep presenting my work no matter how fearful I get about whether it is good enough or of any value to others. I live in Canada, so won’t sign up for your class, but am interested in living in harmony with my body-type and the seasons. I am creating classes based on this and using the 5 element theory from TCM as a springboard to tuning in.

    • Hi Joy! Thank you for your comments – means so much to me. In a million years I would have never believed that I would someday be in a “teaching” role. I’ve always been a “hider”! Best of luck to you. I am always available for private Ayurveda sessions/teaching via Skype. Good luck with your classes – whatever resonates with allow your passion to flow much easier. For me, it’s Ayurveda, for you it might be TCM. xoxo

  4. Barbara, I remember the days of ‘Misadventure’ and ‘Claustrophobia’, they were all part of the journey to get you where you are today. How wonderful that you could combine your passion for Art, Ayurveda and Energy Healing at the Studio Tour! It took a lot of courage to open up your home, studio and heart to share your gifts, wish I could have been there! xoxo Mary

    • Dearest Mary, You are ALWAYS with me! You have been a witness to so much of my life story. Always without judgment and always with LOVE and fierce loyal friendship. I love you so much! xoxo

  5. inspirational, as always!

  6. You are awesome. And I good role model for… Me. Thank you I enjoy these blogs.

  7. Thank you Barbara for another beautiful story!

  8. Beautiful Barbara! Thank you so much for sharing all of this…..your art, photography, Ayurveda…….your whole story. I’m jut beginning to see the beauty and power in learning to share my story. You are an inspiration!

  9. Thank you Barbara for another beautiful story!!!!

  10. I so wish I lived close enough to come to your workshops. Barbara you are such a good teacher and friend. The doors are opening up and the fear will go away little by little. You have so much to offer others and you do it in a kind and respectful way. I really enjoy your blogs. Take Care Love and Light Lynda

    • Lynda, I feel so honored to know you – better and better with each time we meet. You are a gem and a shining example of perseverance and LOVE. Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. Hugs for you and Ardele. xoxo

  11. Barbara, your Ayurveda blogs and your newsletters are incredible and valuable – we are blessed that you share so much of your life with us. (I am trying to tone down my Vata now, per your wonderful advice.) I hope you are happy in New Jersey (anxious to hear if you have adopted the “accent” when you come to Michigan next!) It was a treat to see your art being highlighted – it brings back such wonderful memories for me, Mary and I are your greatest fans! Love, Gina

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