Asheville Here I Come (Gulp!)

May 27, 2012

Full confession–it’s been easy for me to write on this blog about change while I sit comfortably in my home of roughly eleven years. I’ve had my fair share of major change in my life, but it’s been awhile since I have been faced with uprooting myself. In the blink of an eye, I remembered and re-lived the gripping fear that change can bring about.

I wrote in my latest post about the wild synchronicities that were pointing me to Asheville, NC, so last week I traveled there to check it out, Asheville Here I Come Gulp! I had a rough start–my emotions were high and my first impressions were different than what I had conjured up in my head. It takes me awhile to acclimate to a new place and I had forgotten this fact, until someone kindly pointed it out. The Sagittarius in me (my sun sign/my destiny) loves excitement and adventure, but the Taurus in me (my ascending and moon signs) loves being grounded and safe in my comfortable home surroundings. It was only last year during a soul contract reading with Katie Carlone, that I learned about the Taurus in my chart. It made so much sense! People with their moon in Taurus like the familiar, they like to feel secure and happy, and are resistant to change. We like to take our time.

Those first two days everything got clouded and inertia set it. You know the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees”? Well, fortunately, my host, Linda, yanked me out of my coma, friend Randi let me tag along to search for houses, and my Taurus side looked around at the inexplicable beauty in and around Asheville and slowly started to fall in love.

I had angels with me on my journey–both the heavenly ones, who watched over me as I drove a car (more like a mini clown car) for the first time in years, and the ones here on earth. My new friend, David, helped me from a distance to discover this part of the country that he so dearly loves. He kept my anxiety in check with his humor and unbending compassionate support. And my friend, Vivi, well, she’s an earth angel if ever there was one. I’m convinced of it. She is pure light and love and she just kept me laughing so that I soon forgot my trepidation about relocating.

I can’t forget to mention the two Judys. There was GPS Judy, who navigated me around town accurately, in spite of having to say “Recalculating!” over and over again. And real-life, Judy, David’s friend, who graciously carted me around the area from morning til night, giving up her precious day off. We immediately felt like old friends. It was late afternoon when Judy sensed that my Asheville experience had been incomplete because I hadn’t yet stood solidly in nature. After all, that’s the major force that is pulling me there. So Judy tirelessly took me driving up into green heaven and parked the car near the French Broad River where I blissfully waded in and took photographs. Judy (Smith) is a photographer and took the photo of me in the river above.

Asheville and the surrounding area is breathtakingly beautiful. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mother Nature is in all her glory. I felt in sync with the people I met and the things they are passionate about. The arts are flourishing, local food is like a religion there, and the healing arts have a strong presence.

And built-in family, to boot! I visited with my long-lost cousin, Cork, his wife, Martha and my sweet, lovely 92-year-old Aunt Lil.

So then why did I have a meltdown on my last night? Back in my room, fear and anxiety gripped me. My mind took over, racing every which way. “I have to be out of my apartment by September 1st…when/how will I find a place to live? Is this the right decision? My precious routine and orderly life is going to be plunged into chaos for a few months.” You would think I was moving to another planet! Fortunately, after a good night’s sleep, my inner voice jumped in and reassured me that everything will work out just as it’s meant to. I had survived other big changes and after the dust settled, I always thrived. I will stay present and grounded and not let my Vata mind run rampant. As my Yogi tea tag stated the morning I left Asheville, “The mind is energy. Regulate it.”

So, I am heeding my own advice as I forge ahead on my journey, remembering the title to one of my collages pictured at the top, Change is Just a Six-Letter Word. No big deal. And for all the synchronicity that has pointed me to this spectacular healing part of the country, and led me to some amazing people, I say (as my  friend, David tells me they like to say in the South), thank you Jesus!

  1. Barbara Sinclair…it was my please and honor to take you around so you could be in some sort of comfort and help you with a part of the beginning of the journey. So you could start to see the beauty that is truly here. You came at a time when many people were turned upside down due to the eclipse and a powerful new moon!! Yet you managed and maintained. It would not be a great challenge and or adventure if you didn’t have a meltdown or two (trust me on this one…lol)… It reminds us that life is here to be lived and that our fears should not stop us…that we should embrace them and walk through them. Listen to this Aquarius sun who has a Pisces moon…it is about the journey, but we are entitled to be scared. Change is scary, but it helps us to grow even more. So like Alice in Wonderland before she went to slay the fight the dragon…when you think you can’t just remember the “6 impossible tasks before Breakfast”… this can be done and is not in anyway shape or form impossible. 🙂
    Look forward to seeing you here in Asheville in the fall…
    with many hugs and much love to you…
    Randi Rom

  2. Barbara, What a wonderful post. I am so happy for you and can tell that this journey South will be rewarding in so many ways. You may have already heard about Penland School of Crafts. It’s not far from Asheville at the edge of the Pisgah National Forest. I spent a summer there, camping in the forest and taking classes at Penland. It’s a wonderful community, filled with creative, passionate people and I encourage you to check it out. xo Shane

    • Hi, Shane! Yes, I have heard about it but didn’t make it there this time around. I will have lots of time to go there in the fall! 🙂 What a great summer that must have been for you. Miss making “art” (was that art???) with you and the kids. Hope you are well. Love, Barbara

  3. Dear Barbara, be assured – all will fall into place! Follow your heart, your intuition! It worked for me, this uprooting of my life in Italy to move to Germany… little did I imagine what changes would unfold, when I took the decision. That was the one thing I had clear: be in Munich by September 15th, at the beginning of the school year.
    And then the universe brought all the coincidences I needed. I did not have a flat until mid August…. the solution arrived in time. The train arrived in Munich station early afternoon of September 14th – my girls started their school the next day.
    How did this happen – never mind. It did. Without a lot of planning.
    As long as the goal is clear.. the next step does present itself. And the best choices are made from the heart :).
    I wish you continued courage and clarity – and support from all the forces around and within you – curious to read about the steps as your journey continues to unfold.
    lots of Love

  4. Barbara, my intrepid friend, I’m sure you already know courage is not lack of fear, it’s feeling the fear and going forward anyway! You have many people (and other beings) watching out for you, so just keep your wise head and big heart plugged in and you’ll be fine. I know Asheville can’t wait to claim you, but you’ll always be a NY-er to me. Southward ho!
    Love and blessings,

  5. Thank you, Nancy. You are so dear to me. Thank goodness for our 21st Century group that keeps bringing us together. There are direct flights from Asheville to NYC, so I will be back! 🙂
    Love you! Barbara

  6. Lily (Mathie :) ) May 28, 2012 at 2:36 am Reply

    Barbara, beautiful soul! I sense some wonderful changes ahead for you! Thank you for this beautiful, honest story. Love, Lily

  7. We have been talking about needing a change and have been researching different areas to uproot our family too, Asheville became top of the list. We will be moving the beginning of July and I can’t express how excited I am about it. We have 3 kids who are also looking forward to this journey! I loved your post and it made me at ease over our choice!!!

  8. Behh io ho appena lasciato un commento sul mio Blog con link a questo post… anche per ringranziare pubblicamente i visitatori del blog… grazie ragazzi!

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