My Last Ditch Effort

I’m sitting here staring out my windows at the Ossipee Mountains. It’s 5 degrees, windy, and I still have two feet of snow on my lil hill. I had every intention of working on my book. Instead, all I can think about is the V-word. You know, the one on everyone’s lips. “Have you had […]

It’s Kapha Season in the Bear Den

This is my third blog post with the words “Bear Den” in the title. I’m sure that’s some kind of blogging no-no but I don’t care. It’s all about The Bear Den these days and this is my first Kapha Season here in New Hampshire. Today started out cold and snowy with big wet flakes. […]

Part Two: Ecstasy in The Bear Den

I’ve been up since 4 am. It’s my birthday. 🙂 And I’m in a state of ecstasy here in The Bear Den. Words have been piling up inside my head these past few weeks, and I finally plugged my computer in to open the floodgates.

Meet The Bear Den!

I’m writing this post in hopes that my recent experience will give you hope that something you’re longing for can come true, if only you hold the vision while at the same time (and this part is important), you move forward towards making it happen.

Sometimes You Just Need to Get a Move On

I hadn’t owned a car in about fifteen years. That means I hadn’t driven in that many years either, except for last summer when I asked my nephew up at the lake if I could drive into town to see if I still had my Motor City driving skills.

To Feel Calm is a Powerful Force

One constant has remained throughout these past months and that is that I feel fearless. Not in a smug, “I’m not afraid of anything” kind of way. It has been strange, I’ll admit. I’ve felt like I’m riding a wave of calm surrounded by an ocean of fear.

My Story of Infinite Love

It was February 20, 2013, and I was in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson. I was with a group of energy healing students at a workshop and for two days I’d been walking around the property smelling the most fragrant scent I’d ever smelled. What was blooming?

Why Do We Feel so Anxious in the Fall?

Fall has officially arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you ever wonder why some of us tend to feel more anxious at this time of year? I’ll get to that in a bit, but first I want to mention the flip-flopping weather that happens around the juncture of the seasons. Where I live in […]

Children Have Doshas Too

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 10, 2012. Whenever I pass a schoolyard or a playground, I always play the Dosha Game. It’s a made-up game where I try to spot the little Vatas, Pittas, and Kaphas. It’s a perfect place to hone your Ayurveda skills because it’s easy to differentiate the […]

Why You Need to Cool Your Body NOW

(This post was originally published on September 1, 2015, and updated on August 21, 2019.) Here we are again, approaching the juncture between Ayurvedic seasons. The heat of Pitta Season will soon give way to the cold, dry, and windy nature of Vata Season (Fall/Early Winter). It’s really important to understand why you need to […]

What Time Were You Born?

One of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me was one sentence written in an old blue notebook. “You were born at Northwest Grace Hospital on December 17th, 1953 at 2:32 PM.”

She Who Sits With Trees

Today, no one will steal my Joy. Today, it’s all about Mother Earth. With moon and rising signs in Taurus, my heart yearns for and is filled by, Nature. I will paint about her, write about her, dream about her. Happy Earth Day, beautiful Mother, and all of us who inhabit you!

Are You Ready for Kapha Season?

This time of year can be a real challenge for many people and so I wanted to drop in and write a bit about why we might be feeling so sluggish. Cold, wet and heavy are a few qualities associated with Kapha dosha and therefore, with Kapha Season (late winter-spring). Ayurveda doesn’t put exact dates […]

Our Tears Are Just Rain

Wow. Is it really true? I haven’t written a word here on this site for one whole year. 1-11-2018. One year ago today. Well, I cannot, will not let 1-11-19 pass without writing. The magic of this day revealed itself to me four years ago. You can read about it here if you’d like. And so I honor […]

What I Heard Three Years Ago Today

It was the afternoon of 1-11-15 Cozy in my worn leather chair I settled into my afternoon meditation Noise-cancelling headphones, check Eyemask, check Stone in hand, check Frankincense burning, check I must have been blissfully gone somewhere wherever it is we go while breathing saying the mantra world’s away or maybe not Suddenly I heard […]

Let Us Not Forget the Healing Power of Touch

With the recent #metoo and #timesup movements, I’ve been thinking a lot about touch. The focus lately, of course, has been on the wrong kind of touch. The kind that makes us feel shame and fear and anger. Used, violated, helpless, traumatized. Powerless. The uninvited kind. The kind that crossed a line. The kind that […]

Serendipity is Beautiful and Real

I couldn’t sleep last night so fueled by a creative fire that has been reignited in me A constant buzz in my field feet struggling to stay on the ground I thought I would levitate off the bed My mind raced not knowing whether to reach for paint or pencils typewriter or my camera It’s overwhelming […]

Living Far Away in the Land of Creative Daydreaming

Today I turned 64 and as I write this post I marvel at myself for sharing it with the Internet world. Not because my age bothers me but because I’m such a private person at heart. I’ve pondered this question a lot this year because it seems that much of what I write has become […]

You’re Going to Heal through Your Art

Usually, my muse shows up on my bike, but it was pretty chilly today so she visited me in a hot shower. She had me reflecting on what it is I do, what it is I like to do, and what it is I need to do. They’re not always the same thing, are they? […]

Wishing You Sweet Healing Dreams

I’ve been wanting to write about dreams for the longest time. I’m no dream expert and am lucky if I remember bits and pieces of them. I’ve learned to keep a dream journal by my bed but even that is no guarantee that the dream won’t evaporate quickly. On Friday, I’d just bought a new […]