Be Mindful as the Season Shifts

January 15, 2015

There are three seasons, according to Ayurveda, which revolve around different harvests.

  • Vata – fall/early winter
  • Pitta – late spring/summer
  • Kapha – late winter/early spring

Here in the Northeast where I live, and in many other parts of the world, we are transitioning from Vata Season to Kapha Season in mid-January.

Vata and Kapha have very different qualities.

Vata is light, dry, mobile, cold while Kapha is heavy, wet, cold, stable. You can see that they only share the cold quality.

If we think about this and how we are comprised of the five elements (air, ether, fire, water, earth) we can only imagine how hard our organism must work to stay balanced and be mindful as the season shifts.

I often speak about how tenuous our health is during this transition. The more I learn about Ayurveda and consciously apply it in my daily life the more I experience how true this really is.

So, wherever you are in the world (my friends in the Southern Hemisphere are getting ready to transition from Pitta Season to Vata Season), this is a time to take special care to nurture yourself – in body and mind.

Pay attention to how your own body reacts to temperature, moisture, etc.

Take care to dress accordingly and eat the proper seasonal foods for your constitution.

Pay attention to how your mind reacts to this shift, as well.

People with more of the water/earth elements in their constitution might be feeling waves of depression or lethargy as Kapha season approaches. Keep the mind clear with meditation and other practices like pranayama, yoga, and qigong.

On the other hand, those of us with a lot of air/ether in our constitution may start to feel more centered and less anxious as we begin to leave Vata season behind.

If you think a private consultation will help you with the transition, you may contact me here.

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