Celebrating Beltane and Your Bubble of Joy

May 1, 2019

Happy Beltane, everyone!

Beltane is an ancient Celtic celebration. “Bel” means “the bright one” and “teine, the Gaelic spelling,  means fire”.

So, it’s a fire celebration at the height of spring as we transition towards summer.

May Day, we like to call it here in the States.

Beltane is about passion and Joy and sexuality/sensuality.

It’s time to birth the ideas and dreams that were dreamt during the winter months.

Can you feel the surge of creativity that Spring brings? I sure can!

Many flowers are in full bloom around Beltane. These Pink Kwanzan Cherry blossoms are favorites of mine. I used to be able to look out of my kitchen window at a beautiful blossoming tree every May.

This is a natural time for Joy.

But, is it possible to be in a state of Joy while swimming in the waters of sadness, grief, confusion, and all of life’s challenges?

I believe it is.

2019 is turning out to be a doozy of a year for many of us. If you follow astrology at all, you know that collectively we are going through major shifts.

Whole systems are breaking down. Relationships are crumbling.

Deep soul urgings to be who we are meant to be.

The past four months have been particularly challenging for me personally as I try to navigate a situation in my life.

I’m old and wise enough to know the inevitability of these challenges as well as the hard lessons they bring and the growth that can come out of them.

If we are able to see them through with Grace.

One day, in the midst of grieving over this situation, I realized that, in spite of the sadness, I felt an overriding protective bubble of Joy.

How was this possible?

During the eight years I spent dealing with chronic pain I became aware of a deep optimism within me and a fierce intent to heal.

I began to self-love like nobody’s business.

I started paying attention to the things I really loved.

Making art, music, movies, books, being in solitude, Nature.

All things I loved as a child.

That’s a really big clue.

If you’re unsure of what self-love you need, make a list of things you loved as a child.

I guarantee your energy will shift something inside of you and a Joy Bubble will start to form.

Now, go do those things. Maybe you need to skip rope. Or hula hoop.

Build your Joy Bubble.

One of the things that expands my bubble like nobody’s business – something that happened later in life – is…


Oh, my goodness. I was always too shy to dance. High school dances were painful. Weddings were spent hiding, as far away from the dance floor as possible.

Then the most miraculous thing happened.

I was spending a week at the Omega Institute in Upstate NY in a creativity workshop.

It’s like camp for adults.

One afternoon on my lunch break, sauntering down the tree-lined path of the campus, I heard music and laughter wafting from one of the cabins up the hill.

A man was standing outside on the porch and motioned to me to “Come on in!”

It was not like me to fall for this but some force pulled me up the hill and into the cabin.

People were dancing, smiling, laughing.

So much Joy.

Strangers. No one cared what they looked like.

I leapt in there and never looked back.

Everything changed that day.

For the rest of the week, I spent my lunch hours in that cabin. Dancing like a maniac.

A whirling dervish.

I was building my (Pink!) Joy Bubble.

Fast forward a few months and I’m at a wedding when my partner (a fellow shy non-dancer) returns to the table to find me on the dance floor. Stunned.

I had found my instant Joy Bubble builder.


Lately, it’s been a combo of dancing/listening to oldies that has made my Joy meter soar.

Splurging on wireless noise-cancelling headphones was the best investment I’ve ever made.

And a commercial-free Spotify subscription.

Mostly, I’m dancing solo. Seriously, it can be the best kind.

Just this morning, “Love Train” started to play and dancing to it was the seed for this post.

“People all over the world (everybody)
Join hands (join)
Start a love train, love train” — The O’Jays

So, for me, not only does music/dancing build my Joy Bubble, it is the best creativity spark there is.

It clears away the cobwebs, the sadness, grief, confusion, and for the moment, life’s challenges take a backseat.

Now, I know I might just be sounding a little too Pollyanna-ish for you. 

And I’m not denying the validity of sometimes needing to stay in the pain, grief, anger, or whatever it is you’re feeling.

It’s just as important not to candy coat our emotions.

But, we need to investigate what’s behind them, suss it all out, work on it.

Maybe you need to forgive someone. Maybe that someone is yourself.

Whatever it is, don’t deny it. But, at the same time, just consider that you can also be working on your Joy Bubble.

Trust me, it feels a whole lot better to spend time in it than being in a constant state of pain and suffering.

Take baby steps if you need to. 

Beltane is the perfect time to breathe in that creative energy. 

The Joy, the passion and sensuality.

We are Nature. And Nature is blooming and bursting with Joy right now.

Find your Joy and live life like this beautiful Kwanzan Cherry tree.

She looks so happy, opening to the sun. Feeling her Joy.

Go now. Build your bubble and don’t let anyone or anything burst it.

  1. Barbara, this is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. Thank you for being your usual spot-on & inspirational self!

  2. Great post Barbara. Get on the Love Train!

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