Barbara Sinclair, Do You Have Sign Up Itis?

Do You Have Sign Up Itis?

Do You Have Sign Up Itis?

I know I do. I just can’t seem to resist those beautifully marketed web programs.

I think I need an intervention.

Ayurvedically speaking, Sign-up-itis is the curse of the Vata-type person. We’re not the best when it comes to self-control, we get seduced by creative shiny packages, we love to try new things, but we tend to fall short in the stick-to-it department.

We learn quickly but forget quickly, too.

Highly Pitta-types love to learn, but mostly tend to follow-through and retain the information.

Put this VP combination together (me) and it can be dangerous. A thirst for knowledge, but a lack of focus and self-control.

It’s exhausting.

I don’t think my Kapha friends will relate much to this problem. They tend to move slower, more cautiously, and always like to think things through. Slow and steadfast, like the elephant – once they learn something, they almost never forget.

Right now I’m  buried in courses I’ve half-started or are waiting for me on the back burner. All of it is wonderful information on herbs, healing, Ayurveda, writing, etc., but the truth is, I could be designing my own programs, writing my own book.

Might this be just a form of procrastination?

I’m always in learning mode, and thinking how great it will be to share new information with everyone.

But at some point, I have to say “Enough is enough.”

So I’m slamming the brakes on new courses for a while and will try to follow my own advice of slowing down the mental madness and giving myself a little break.

Kapha Season is almost upon us (stay tuned) and soon we’ll be drawn to come out of our winter slumber like the rest of Nature. The creativity that’s been incubating during Vata Season will be ripe for birthing.

I’m going to enjoy these last few weeks of hibernation. I’ll meditate more, and finish what I’ve started, rather than starting something new. No matter how shiny it is. 🙂

Can anyone out there relate?

Much love,



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