Energy Staying Grounded

November 5, 2010

If I had to choose one health-related word that has been on my mind all year, it would have to be energy. I wrote about this topic last January after an illness made me realize how intertwined energy is with health and shortly thereafter, I began a year-long study of energy medicine and energy healing. From microscopic cells all the way up to our planet, the universe and beyond, energy is in everything!

So what is good energy? In India it is called prana and the Chinese called it chi . Here in the West, there is no specific term for it, but science is slowly catching on to what these other cultures have known for thousands of years: that this subtle, invisible energy, or life force is what sustains us at every level.

Energy is meant to flow like a river around us and through us, bringing in the good and discharging the bad. If emotions are not properly processed, “bad” energy can literally become lodged in our cells and eventually making us susceptible to disease. Energy medicine practitioners will tell you that they can see or feel disease in the energy field before it manifests.

Last month, I listened to Dr. Christiane Northrup interview Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist who specializes in integrative treatment methods. He recently co-wrote a fascinating book, called Earthing, in which he explains how people in industrialized societies are unable to fully connect with the earth’s natural electrical currents. People are meant to harness this energy and without it are becoming sicker and sicker.

Humans are electrical beings. The natural energy which flows from the earth through us is now being recognized as an incredibly powerful tool for good health. The sole of the foot has more nerve endings inch-for-inch than any other part of the body. Yet, when we walk around in rubber-soled shoes, or live and work in high-rise building, these nerves are unable to connect with the earth.

Even our muscles operate electrically. Many indigenous cultures recognize the healing that the earth provides and so they stay connected by walking barefoot and sleeping near to the ground.

On the flip side of the energy spectrum is something called Dirty Electricity. This is the theory that an abundance of electromagnetic fields (or EMFs), present because of the high density of technology around us, causes adverse health effects such as chronic pain, heart palpitations, and even cancer.

With the advent of cell phones, computers and the like, modern society is exposed to many times more EMFs than in the past. There are ways we can protect ourselves against EMF related illness, including more careful use of cell and cordless phones, switching to a land line whenever possible, and making sure electrical appliances are grounded. To lean more about this, check out this article in GQ: Warning, Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health Gear + Gadgets:

When Sinatra refers to earthing, he means staying grounded by connecting with the earth. Even in big cities, there are still easy ways to do this. See out tips in the next article to learn how to connect with the earth’s electrical energy no matter where you live.


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