Healthy Food of the Week: Burdock Root

January 4, 2010

Burdock Root is the ugly duckling of the vegetable world. Despite its unsavory appearance, it should not be overlooked.

Healthy Food of the Week: Burdock Root is a powerhouse veggie for health and happens to be incredibly flavorful as well. The farmers at my local market (Union Square in NYC) have written an excellent explanation of Burdock’s health benefits and I will quote them here:
“[Burdock Root is] found to destroy cancer-causing agents. A known blood purifier and helps with detoxification. Thought to ease liver complaints, digestive disorders, and clear skin. Used in teas, shampoos and face washes. Rich in insulin, Vitamin B and minerals. Great boiled, roasted, stewed, stir-fried and in soups.”
While not commonly found in conventional groceries, it is available all winter in most farmer’s markets and some specialty health stores.
Scrub the root well before eating, but skin can be left on. I prefer this with any root veggie because so many of the nutrients are present in the skin. Cut the root right before you use it, or store cut root in cold water, to prevent oxidization.
Add Burdock to stir-fried greens, grains, soups, stews or anywhere you want to add a punch of flavor.
You may want to try this recipe for a cold winter day.

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