How Did Such a Nature Lover End Up Living in Cities Her Entire Life?

June 5, 2015

How did such a nature lover end up living in cities her entire life?

Which view do you prefer?

This above?

Or this?

Jersey City Construction

What sounds do you like waking up to? Birds chirping? Or hammers pounding and construction equipment droning on?

I left the beauty of Scotland behind and arrived home to two more floors piled onto the construction site across the street from where I live.

I didn’t have a stellar view to begin with (if you look, you’ll see the few trees in the distance that are about to disappear). In another couple of weeks, I’ll have none.

Unless you count cement and glass.

If I crane my head out the window and look right, I can see the Empire State Building in the distance. My guess is that the days of this view are numbered as well – a new high rise seems to appear each week.

And the noise! I can’t even hear Jamie and Claire when my windows are open. Private “Outlander” joke. 🙂

I often wonder –

How did such a nature lover end up living in cities her entire life?

I gave myself a few days after returning from my trip to let the blue feeling which was hanging over me dissipate. And it did.

Yesterday I was back to my usual morning yoga/dance routine and as I was bouncing around to “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves, it became clear that I can be happy anywhere – whether it’s in a fairy glen or an apartment building in Jersey City.

I am happy.

That being said…

How did such a nature lover end up living in cities her entire life?

These cities have always seemed to nurture the artist in me – in a gritty urban sort of way.

Detroit was/is a haven for artists. The city that is forever attempting to rise from the ashes has birthed some of the most creative people I’ve ever met.

And NYC, well, no explanation needed. Artists flock here to immerse themselves in the electric eclectic energy vibe that charges the island (and surrounding boroughs). It fed me for many years.

And now, Jersey City. No less a haven for artists and explosive talent. I was welcomed into this creative community with open arms and it has recharged the sleeping artist in me.

But, still, I wonder,

How did such a nature lover end up living in cities her entire life?

I’m a firm believer that the Universe puts us just where we need to be at the time. Even as I was moving across the Hudson River, certain of my decision, I had a knowing that my new home would be temporary.

Jersey City is a stepping stone. It nudged me out of NYC because it was imperative that I move on.

Time will tell.

I know that I can hop in a rental car, a bus or a train and head to Upstate NY or places in New Jersey that I haven’t explored. There’s beauty there. Nature.

I can ride my bike or the subway to Central Park. I can visit the beauty of my home state of Michigan, or countless other places in the USA.

But, for some strange reason beyond my control, my heart and soul are being pulled to Scotland. It continues to flood my dreams.

Last night I found myself on a website devoted to “moving to Scotland”.

I hope my family doesn’t freak out reading this.

I love my apartment. I love my new neighbors.

I hate the process of moving. I just went through it a year ago. How can I possibly be thinking like this?

I’m sitting in my neighborhood coffee shop writing and a little sparrow keeps hopping around by the window where I’m sitting.

Sparrows have always been messengers for me. I know they’re common here in the Northeast (as they were in the Midwest where I used to nurse the babies that would fall from the side of our house in Detroit). And today, I feel like she has something to tell me.

You can bet I’ll be paying attention to my dreams, meditations and Universe winks in the next few months. I’ve learned that if I need guidance, I need to be quiet, look and listen.

I know, we always think the grass is greener on the other side. But seriously, in this case, it is!


Stay tuned. I know I will.

Much love,

  1. Those little nudges, I believe they are you’re soul trying to speak. Follow that big heart Barbara! And next time jump the short flight to Ireland!! 🙂 I think I’ll see you soon x

  2.’s been a while since we’ve connected tho i’ve been discreetly reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time; this last writing, i must say, has really hit the/my spot. Keep on…keep on. best…

  3. You will bloom wherever you’re planted, my dear flower-loving friend.

  4. Hi Barbara, I felt compelled to write a wee comment. I started a search for information about Doshas and I arrived at your lovely website. Have so enjoyed reading your story and especially your wonderful account of your trip to Scotland. I’m Scottish and currently living in The Netherlands and I’m especially interested in how balancing the doshas can help with symptoms of homesickness. I think I’m either Vata or Vata-Pitta. Any advice would be appreciated! Oh and I know this will make you smile – I have a beautiful son called (wait for it) Jamie Fraser!! ;-)) I haven’t even seen the show yet! All the best.

    • Hi Carol! I don’t know what gave me the biggest smile. 🙂 Just wait till you see the show. It put me over the edge as far as wanting/needing to go to Scotland. I will send you an email regarding your question. 🙂

  5. Hello Barbara,

    I also stumbled upon your website while researching Ayurveda, and I find I am so inspired by every one of your posts! And your recent journey to Scotland and the lingering feeling that you will be back again soon… I have been there too! I was born next door in Wisconsin, but after studyin abroad in Japan years ago, I made the jump to move here permanently. It was a big, big change and so much went out of balance, but four years on, I am finding my inner security again little by little.

    Your words always touch my heart, and I look forward to reading more!

    Also, do you do consultations to help people figure out their doshas? Every quiz I take seems to yield a different result, and I have a hard time sorting through what is prakruti/vikruti. I think I have gone as far as I can on my own, so I might need help!

    • Hi, Tori! I’m so happy that my stories have inspired you. 🙂 What a brave move you made. The conversation about which constitution(s) have an easier time with moving, change, etc. keeps coming up so I hope to write a post about it.

      Yes, I do consultations to help people figure out their prakruti/vikruti! It’s what I love to do best! I do them via Skype. You can contact me at Take care and thanks for reaching out! 🙂

  6. Hi Barbara, yet again I can relate to your sentiments so very much. Having lived in a capital city for over 32 years now, for the last several years my heart has yearned to live closer to nature where I can regularly visit both the mountains and the beaches. I know it will happen within a few years but for now I console myself that it’s important for me to remain in the city where there are more options for casual work to support my studies and as I build my healing/coaching business.
    Like you I am also being drawn to visit the UK, mostly Scotland and sacres sites. Your story is inspirational. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us all. See you soon. xxoo

    • Dear Gael, I am surprised to learn that you’ve been in a big city for 32 years! Judging from the pictures you regularly post, you seem to get out in nature a lot. Looks like paradise to me! I am a little lazier in this regard and need to nudge myself out of my cocoon more. I’m just letting the Universe take the lead as far as another move goes. I’m sure you will get back to Scotland one day! xoxo

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