In Honor of Darkness on the Winter Solstice

December 21, 2016

In Honor of Darkness on the Winter Solstice

I saw a headline
in a Google search
this morning
“Winter Solstice:
It only gets better from here –
USA Today”
Afraid of the dark,
are you?
We praise the light
Get out in the sun!
Banish the darkness!
Light up your life!
Adorn everything
with twinkle lights
I do it, too
I love twinkle lights
Really, I do
And sunshine is
good for us
But something
transitioned in me
these later years of my life
In my sixth decade
I no longer run
from darkness
I seek it
I covet it
I even bought
a pink tent
(of course, I did)
that fits over my bed
to cocoon me
in darkness
for sleep
The constant lights
from the city
unnerving me at night
Robbing me of the dark
It’s a slightly pink
darkness in my cave
I admit
But, oh,
the darkness
is divine
The old me
dreamt of warm weather
and sunny beaches
when January rolled around
The new me heralds it now
as my favorite month
to cocoon
in darkness
“To everything
turn, turn, turn
there is a season
turn, turn, turn”
wrote Pete Seeger
I guess the Bible
said it, too
Minus the
“turn, turn, turn”
And then
the Byrds sang it
when I was a teenager
But I digress
I love four seasons
Winter used to be
at the bottom of
my list
Not anymore
On this longest
and darkest
of days,
the Winter Solstice,
I honor the gifts
that have been given
to me
in the darkness
in my dreams
when I close
my eyes
And in meditation
If you couple
the darkness
with silence,
the gifts will come
So, on this longest
and darkest
of days,
the Winter Solstice,
turn out the lights
put on an eyemask
if you’re a city dweller
like me
Let darkness
and silence
envelop you
cocoon you
transport you
Don’t be afraid
of the dark
Without it
we wouldn’t know
the Joy of the
But don’t rush too soon
towards the light
before you’ve
given the dark
its time to shine.

Barbara Sinclair – 2016

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