Living the Life You Planned

November 8, 2011

What if we could know our purpose on this earth, and what our soul came here to learn and experience? There are times when our life feels in sync with something larger than ourselves and other times when we feel desperately alone and without any inner or outer guidance.  Imagine what a relief it would be to confirm that we’re on the right path – or to know that we’re not, so we could make better choices. Perhaps we’ve decided on a career or entered into a relationship that our gut tells us isn’t right, yet we stubbornly persist. Taking this a step further, what if we actually chose the hardships we’ve encountered in our life before we incarnated (stay with me here!) so that our soul could grow and evolve? Living the Life You Planned?

Sound far-fetched? I would have thought so too a few years ago.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older that these questions are more pervasive, but I think it’s more likely due to a deep shift in my beliefs over the past few years and especially after my partner Ralph’s recent death. Raised Catholic, I never gave any thought to the possibility of reincarnation, even though more cultures than not believe in the concept. This is about spirituality, not religion, I’ve learned. Big, big difference.  At any rate, it’s a fascinating subject to explore, if you have an open mind.

One of the many books recommended to me after Ralph’s passing was Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz, which introduced me to the idea of a soul contract based on the belief that we actually plan our life before we’re born. This fascinated me and so I considered it synchronicity when a fellow energy medicine student named Katie Carlone mentioned that she does soul contract readings. I jumped at the opportunity to see what it was all about. Believe me, I would not be writing about this if what Katie revealed to me had not blown me away. I would have kept this quietly to myself, but it was so amazing that I felt compelled to share my experience with you.

In an hour-long reading with Katie (which she records for you to keep) she uncovered and validated many energetic patterns in my life. She talked about how I came into this world with an intense and deeply emotional energy (I’m sure family members will agree here) and that I possessed  archetypal patterns of the artist, the nature lover and the healer, among others. I laughed when she said that I could sit for hours in nature gazing at something beautiful. (I’m obsessed with clouds and trees!) Katie said that in general I like a slower pace, steady and methodical, and that I like to linger. I loved that! People who know me may think this is just the opposite of how I appear, but I can see that when I operate at a frenetic pace, I’m out of control and not very happy. She also mentioned that I’m very intuitive and that I need to use my creative abilities to dissipate excess emotion or my body gets sick. Wow. That one was spot on. I’ve been aware of this pattern for years, and yet have unwittingly repeated it more times than I’d like to admit. This is just a tidbit of the information I was given. If you find it intriguing, I would highly recommend a reading with Katie. She’s a lovely, down-to-earth intuitive and life coach whose insight could change your life.

So who’s the little girl in the picture above? That’s me (or Barbie, as I was known back then). Believe it or not, I can still recall how I felt when that picture was taken. Happy, but painfully shy. It fascinates me now to look (really look) at old pictures and re-connect with that little girl, or the teenager, the young adult, etc. who is still a part of me and always will be in this special lifetime.

Much love,

  1. Barbara,
    You were such a cutie (still are!), and this is such a great article! Katie must be thrilled with this resounding endorsement, and she deserves it — her reading for me was amazing, so true! Yes, the idea that some part of me chose my life challenges so I could learn the lessons I needed was a hard one for me to swallow at first too, but as I get older it makes more and more sense. Nice job, Barbie!

  2. Barbara, thanks for sharing your journey with us, Its amazing how we all think were so different but really all the same. TakeCare, your in the Flow…………………….

  3. Thank you for sharing Barbara and congratulations to You. With Love & Care, Sophie

  4. Great blog and I loved, loved, loved that book. Wrapped everything I sort of knew into a nice package with a ribbon on top. I didn’t realize Katie did those kind of readings. I’m having one done in a couple of weeks by one of the people who helped with the book. Exciting. Nice job, Barbara! Kathi

  5. Loved the article Barbara. Its amazing how helpful a little insight into why we do the things we do, and why certain things affect us the way they do, can be. Funny also how those close to us can see patterns in us we seem oblivious to ourselves. Thank you for sharing your story. Love your beautiful smile

  6. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for your post, it took me to a beautiful place. I have had readings done for me by an intuitive channel and would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it.
    I am looking forward to seeing you in Asilomar.

    Much Love, Dawn Gillespie

  7. A wonderful article Barbara. As one of the original 21st Century Energy Medicine students, I spoke with you briefly at Omega last month! I too was raised Catholic, but along life’s journey was drawn to re-incarnation and the study of metaphysics. I also have had fibromyalgia (25 yrs) and this conditiion has been an impetus to further exploration to arrive at answers the medical community only band-aids with drugs! It’s been quite a journey! I’d love to talk with you sometime to find out how you’ve overcome your condition. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words! Warmly, Carol DeGuire

  8. Love this post Barbara! Thanks for sharing! Would love to meet you in real life, one day … This post is inspiring and I’d love to read the book … This reading must have been a wonderful and very special experience.
    I know I could learn a lot from you 🙂 In the meantime I started to read more about Ayurveda, as I do believe this could be one of the things to help me … Creativity, photography, playing music (again) and writing do little miracles already but I want to go further …
    Take good care of yourself!


  9. Hi Mama! I LOVED this post. I believe that if we really pay attention and listen to our inner self, we are more able to honor our calling and follow our gut. I know this about myself. When I follow my intuition, I always look back without regret and the questions and worry disappear. I think it’s interesting that unlike animals who run from fear the instant they sense it upon them, we as humans question ourselves and sometimes walk straight into something that goes against our gut instinct. I am learning more and more each day how to live my life with fewer questions and more affirmations. Love you and can’t wait to see you in December!! Keep up your beautiful writing xoxo

  10. Barbara, Thank you for sharing this deep truth about who you are…. and the journeys we are all on, collectively and individually. I honor and “see” you, and it’s all magnificent! Journey on….

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