Minty Relax Ade

July 8, 2009

This simple Minty Relax Ade drink is a perfect way to stay refreshed and hydrated during the hot summer months. Mint, lavender and lemon balm all aid in relaxation and digestion while the citrus cleanses and strengthens the immune system.

Minty Relax Ade Ingredients

  • Handful of fresh lemon balm, mint, and lavender
  • Juice of one lemon or lime
  • Honey, Agave nectar or green stevia to taste
  • Filtered Water
  • Glass quart jar or heat-resistant pitcher


  • Boil water in a kettle
  • Place all ingredients in jar
  • Pour boiling water, fill quart jar halfway and use a wooden spoon or other blunt instrument to muddle ingredients. (Muddling releases the oils and flavors of the herbs and fruit.)
  • Fill the jar to the top with cool water and steep for 10 minutes
  • Strain into glasses, with ice if desired, and garnish with lemon, fresh mint or even fresh or frozen berries


Any fresh, leafy herbs can be substituted in this recipe, such as basil, cilantro or parsley. If you do not have access to a garden of your own, try your local farmer’s market.

After serving, you can fill your jar with cool water and steep a second time in the refrigerator.

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