My Spirit Will Be Marching, Minus My Body

April 29, 2017

On September 21, 2014, I marched with an estimated 400,000 people in NYC for the love of our precious Mother Earth at the first People’s Climate March. I was fortunate to be present at the first meeting when the March was just in its first planning stage – there wasn’t even a name yet. I’d received an invite from the amazing activist group Avaaz and I knew I had to get involved.

Many meetings later, with dozens of other activist groups on board, the March came together and it was beyond anything any of us had imagined. I worked that day and helped carry a huge banner from Central Park all the way to Madison Square Garden. I was exhausted but happy, and proud, and hopeful.

This afternoon, thousands (tens of thousands??, hundreds of thousands??) of people will march in Washington D.C. at the second People’s Climate March. I bought a ticket for the bus months ago. I planned to go with my young friend who was by my side at all the Standing Rock marches, post-election demonstrations, and the Women’s March.

Today, my spirit will be marching, minus my body.

Two days ago I gave away my ticket to another young woman who has become a dear friend. Every Wednesday she drives around picking up compost (including mine) for the Community Compost Company. Yes, I pay to have my food scraps composted. It’s worth every penny to me.

When I lived in NYC I started out taking my food scraps on the train one stop to the Union Square Market where they collected compost. A few years later, my neighborhood farmer’s market started a program. Then I did the worm composting thing for a while.

It’s not easy composting when you live in a city apartment. But wait, yes it is.

So, when I moved to Jersey City and there was no local free composting, I started paying a monthly fee.

It’s one little thing I can do for the environment.

Imagine if we all do “just one little thing”!

But what does this have to do with not going to the March today?

I am still so depleted from all of the rallies, marches, demonstrations that I went to during the past several months that my intuition just kept telling me NO. I am trying not to feel guilty for not being there. Instead, I will sit with the trees today and pray for everyone marching and for our beloved Mother Earth. Pachamama.

My young friends Alexandra and Kristin took my Spirit with them on that bus. They are fierce young activists with the biggest hearts you could ever imagine. They are what gives me hope for our future here on Earth. They are wise beyond their years. They have the passion and the energy to bring about real change.

I recently watched a video panel on Feminine Leadership in Philanthropy with TreeSisters, an organization that has become near and dear to my heart. For months now I have been donating 11% of the profits from my healing sessions and my cards/prints to TreeSisters. I recently officially became a Water Carrier, pledging that I will continue to donate a percentage of my services in support of the mission of reforesting the planet.

I would never call myself a philanthropist. But after listening to the panel, I realize that maybe sometime in the not-so-distant future I’ll feel worthy of that title. Maybe I’m a mini-philanthropist. 🙂

My point here, of course, is that we can all do something. And, I’m not going to worry about what you are or are not doing. I’ll focus on what I can do. And if we all do that, well, we can really affect change, can’t we?

I love Nature. And, for some reason, trees have completely stolen my heart in this lifetime. Someone dear to my heart once gifted me the name “She Who Sits With Trees”. It seems sacred, especially in this day and age.

Today is a day of gratitude for all that our Mother gives us.

As Prolific the Rapper said from Standing Rock, “And if the Earth is not your Mother, are you from Mars?”

So much Love to all the marchers today. So much Love.


  1. I’m with you, Barbara. I love the Earth and pray that those two young women and others will carry the torch to watch over her into the future. Prayers to all the marchers.

  2. Barbara I loved reading this blog share today and hearing about your young friends who will be taking your place in the March this weekend. I think your newly given name, “She Who Sits With Trees” is perfect for you! Thanks for the inspiring words.

  3. sun…day… after our heart-two-hearts conversations… how ”fitting” then the message from your perspective of another embodying ”your” spirit…i can’t go on i go on…amen (anagram for amen…so it is…the beat goes on love you infinity…bp

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