My Story of Infinite Love

February 21, 2020

It was February 20, 2013, and I was in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson. I was with a group of energy healing students at a workshop and for two days I’d been walking around the property smelling the most magnificent scent I’d ever smelled. What was blooming?

I asked a maintenance man in his golf cart: “What’s blooming that smells so good?” He shook his head.

I went to the front desk and asked: “What is blooming outside that smells so good?” Nothing.

The next day I woke up and it was snowing in the desert! While some people traveling to Arizona in February might be dismayed at the sight of snow I was beside myself with Joy. They said it was the first time in 30 years it had snowed in that region.

It looked like a fairyland. Clumps of snow and ice clung to the Juniper trees and the cactus seemed confused. The surrounding mountains were dusted white.

As I wandered around in my winter desert wonderland daze, I happened upon two guys, Doug and Wayne, who were new to our group and I hadn’t yet met. I introduced myself and as I was chatting with them, I caught a whiff of the blooming something. I asked if they knew what that delicious scent was and did they know what bloomed in the desert in February. Everything was snow-covered but the scent was still strong.

Doug said to me “I don’t know, but you sure smell good!” That made me laugh. 🙂

By the end of the day, most of the snow had melted and the next day it was gone and our coats were off. As I walked to the restaurant for lunch, there it was again. “Whatever flower that is,” I thought to myself “it survived the snowstorm”.

The next morning as I was getting ready for the day I dabbed a bit of Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum on my heart center. My naturopath had given it to me after my partner died to help me through my grief. The fragrance emanating from the serum was heavenly and something about it always worked its magic on me. I would take a deep inhale and feel my heart instantly lighten.

Kind of like how I’d been inhaling the mystery plant on the property all week.

But, wait a minute. The Infinite Love smells remarkably like what I’ve been trying to track down all week. Oh my God, Barbara. Are you serious? Are you daft? I’d been smelling my Infinite Love anointed self all week and thought it was some precious desert flower in bloom.

I love this story (embarrassing though it might be). It was a magical week that is forever etched into my memory.

I got to experience a desert snowstorm, I made two dear friends (Doug and Wayne), and I rediscovered the power of Infinite Love.

With Love,

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