No Impact Man

September 17, 2009

I recently went to see the documentary No Impact Man which chronicles the life of writer Colin Beavan and his family as they set out on a one-year experiment to live with virtually no negative environmental impact.

The reactions to Colin’s project have been mixed, but I felt the film was an honest and entertaining portrayal of the joys and challenges of living in a more eco-friendly way.

“I believe the most radical political act there is, is to be an optimist.” – Colin Beavan from No Impact Man

No Impact Man is meant to be extreme, but it offers several real-life applicable ideas for improving our own impact in small, but meaningful, ways. It is also great to see how the health of the family improved vastly through regular exercise and healthier, locavore eating habits.

The film is playing in NYC at the Angelika Film Center.

For more information visit Colin Beavan’s website.

Watch the No Impact Man Trailer

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