Taking Photos and Making Art Lights My Creative Fire


I use a traditional digital camera and even my iPhone camera, which I love – it lets me play around in a more abstract way that constantly delights me. The images below are available in prints and cards (except for family photos). Original mixed media/collage work can be purchased through the website. I’m also available for family photo shoots. You may contact me here.  More and more, Nature seems to be my favorite subject.  As Sandra Ingerman says, “We’re not connected to Nature, we ARE Nature.” 

Love, Barbara

Thank you kindly for being respectful of my work and not using any of the images without permission.

We grabbed our cameras and headed into the desert in the rain. My heart was pounding with excitement. There was one issue of a keep-out kind of barbed wire fence, but Paul, like an expert rule-breaker, parted the wires so I could pass through. A piece of cake. Seeing a river flowing through the desert was one of those “Mother Nature, I’m in awe of you” moments. Okay, it was more a brook than a roaring river. And it had already started to go down. But awestruck, I was.

Excerpt from a trip to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona