Read Holistic Health Books

October 1, 2010

Read Holistic Health Books

These are great books to read and ponder over. My library constantly grows but these are must haves for any health conscious person. Self-healing and self-care keeps us young and happy. We need to take the time to devote to ourselves before we dote on others.

Perfect Health
by Deepak Chopra
A great overall health resource. Chopra is both an MD and an expert in Ayurvedic Medicine. In this book, he teaches us how to obtain optimal health through a mind/body connection.

Absolute Beauty
by Pratima Raichur
This is not just about beauty (although you will certainly look and feel more beautiful if you follow Pratima’s advice). From skin care to meditation to making your own beauty products, Raichur gives us a comprehensive guide to self-care.

Also, checkout this documentary film

Ayurveda: The Art of Being
by Pan Nalin
This documentary gives viewers a chance to understand how the ancient practice of Ayurveda developed and how it is applied today in modern India.

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