Resources of the Month Tips to Staying Grounded and Avoid Dirty Electricity

November 5, 2010

Connect to the Earth, no matter where you live.

  • Walk barefoot in nature. Damp grass feels great against the feet and helps to conduct electric energy.
  • Hug or lean against a tree for 20-30 minutes, you will absorb the tree’s grounding energy from the earth. What’s more grounded than a tree!
  • Putting feet in water is another great way to get grounded – being barefoot in salt water is highly conductive. If you aren’t near the ocean, take a warm bath with 1lb. of sea salt and 1 lb of baking soda.
  • Consider trying a grounding mat for computer or grounding sheets.

Be mindful of the electricity in your home

  • Be sure to check that your outlets are grounded. I recently learned that I have been plugging my computer into an ungrounded outlet for years! Not good!
  • Switch from cordless phone to landline in home.
  • Limit cell phone use as much as possible but when necessary, use a special cord or the speaker.
  • Avoid wearing the phone on your body and turn it off whenever possible.
  • WiFi adds more electro pollution – use modem with landline if possible.
  • Plug electronics into smart strips and turn them off at night.
  • If possible, avoid having electronics near your bed at night- use an old-fashioned alarm clock.

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