Serendipity is Beautiful and Real

December 30, 2017

I couldn’t sleep last night
so fueled by
a creative fire
that has been reignited in me
A constant buzz in my field
feet struggling to stay
on the ground
I thought I would levitate
off the bed
My mind raced
not knowing whether
to reach
for paint
or pencils
or my camera
It’s overwhelming
It’s wonderful
It’s scary
It’s about time
All because of a chance meeting
with an old friend
who believes in me
is beautiful
and real
It can change your life
in an instant
Stay open to it
embrace it
be grateful
2017 was a rocky year for me
like so many others
But in just one day
everything changed
I filled my home
with fresh pink balloons
The other ones had shriveled
into tired pink socks of rubber
like testicles
The new ones float
to my ceiling
bringing inspiration
for my book
Pink is Everything!
For the paintings
that have yet to be born
the words yet to be written
my inner thoughts
yet to be revealed
Stay tuned
Oh, Universe
Please don’t change
your crazy ways
I love you
just the way you are

I wrote this poem the other day and then decided to take a photo of my new pink balloons to post with it.

My friend had brought a dozen balloons to my birthday two years ago to motivate me to start writing the book. I left them hanging over my desk as a daily reminder to write but visitors kept commenting on their shrunken sorry-ness. So, last week I bought a fresh dozen.

It wasn’t until I looked at the photo I’d taken that I realized the old painting hanging on the wall is titled “Serendipity”.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

The definition of serendipity is

“The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

It’s always been one of my favorite words.

As 2017 comes to a close, my wish for you is that serendipity shows up in your life next year. I’ve been blessed with it many times, but especially later on in my life as I slow down, get quiet, and pay closer attention.

There’s a reason I did a painting about it years ago.

So, slow down, get quiet, and pay closer attention to the little (and big) miracles all around us. They make life so much richer, bringing Joy to new levels and sparking our creative fire, which I think is just the best feeling ever.

Creativity, after all, is born in our second chakra, also home to our sensuality, sexuality, desire, and our emotions.

We are all meant to create whatever it is we came here to do. It can take decades to figure that out, but it is never too late.

Wishing you all a serendipity-filled, creative, joyful new year!

All my love,



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