She Who Sits With Trees

April 22, 2019

Today, no one will steal my Joy. Today, it’s all about Mother Earth. With moon and rising signs in Taurus, my heart yearns for, and is filled by, Nature. I will paint about her, write about her, dream about her.

Happy Earth Day, beautiful Mother, and all of us who inhabit you!

I love rocks
and the moss that grows on them
The otherworldly green of
I love both
the pretty crystals
and the humble-looking stones
I sleep with them
slip them in my pockets
I’m a rock hounder
I love mountains
the biggest, most majestic of rocks
The tall, jaw-dropping ones
and the undulating feminine ones
I’m thinking of Appalachia
where you feel like you’re
being held in a womb
of mountains
I love rivers and lakes
and waterfalls
and the sounds they make
gurgling, roaring,
always flowing
I love clouds
and storms
when I’m safe indoors 🙂
Rain on the roof
gentle or pounding
that bring out my inner child
I love Paths
that weave through the woods
the sounds in a forest
a raven calling
the snapping branch
that makes my heart pound
thinking there’s a bear
equal terror and wild excitement
Now’s a good time to say
that most of all
if I have to pick a favorite
in Nature
I don’t like to pick favorites,
but, if I must
it would be
I love trees
most of all
I was once given the name
She Who Sits With Trees
or, Sits With Trees
for short
Somehow, it suits me more
then my birth name
I Love
Willow trees
Especially the kind that weep
Birch trees
Hawthorn trees
American Elm trees
Pine trees
Maple trees
Beech trees
Cherry trees
All Trees
When they’re barren
or budding
Oh, that spring green!
It’s the color of the heart chakra,
you know
And when they’re in
their full glory,
bursting with spring flowers
or making canopies of shade
for their human friends
Autumn leaves blazing
makes my eyes
crazy with delight
All of their cycles
What’s not to love?
But most of all
the tree who stole my heart
is Jack
the Spruce tree
in Ireland
in a forest called
the Devil’s Glen
An Gleann Mor
in Gaelic
He drew me to him
and spoke to me
thanking me for
picking up trash
that day
in the forest
He made me weep
for the devastation
we’ve done to this planet
I went back to visit Jack
in October last year
He was still standing
where I left him
crooked smile and all
His picture is right next to me
as I type these words
I visit him in daytime journeys
and in my dreams
Hello, Jack!
Happy Earth Day!
I love the animals
who inhabit this earth
and Bears and Wolves
Turtles and Pigeons
the mighty Lioness
all of them have
visited me in my dreams
bringing messages
or just a little excitement
into my nightlife
My power animals
They’re Nature, too
I love Ranunculus
the beautiful tissue-paper-like flowers
perfect shades of Pink and yellow
and orange
I love my family of
who feed my love of Nature
while living in a concrete jungle
I love the smell of Nature
especially when it’s damp
I love dew on the grass
when I’m lucky enough
to be somewhere where
I can kick off my shoes
I love the sounds of Nature
Birds chirping
trees creaking
(n) The sound of
wind in the trees
and the rustling of leaves
Water rushing
This list could go
on and on
I know I’m forgetting
something important
What is it that you love
and want to honor on
this day we call
Earth Day?
She spoke to me, too
I love you, Yarrow
with your delicate little
fern-like leaves and white flowers
You might look fragile
but you are one mighty
survivor and healing plant
I love Lemon Balm
and Dandelion
and Linden honey
Oh! The bees!
I love the bees!
The list just goes
on and on
Today, I’m going to
walk to the Willows
down by the
mighty Mahicahituk
AKA Hudson River
and say a prayer
of thanks
for the healing
she’s been giving me
And later, I’ll visit
Jack, in An Gleann Mor
in my imagination, of course
I’ll take a walk through
the majestic Spruce forest
up the hill from the carpark
sunlight streaming through
from above,
a Raven circling
Maybe a storm
will be brewing
It’s Ireland, after all
But, I’ll sit under Jack
kick off my shoes and
let my bare feet feel the earth
Close my eyes
Even from 3,000 miles away
it feels like home.

Earth Day, 4-22-19

  1. I think that this is the best place to relax and to stay along with the nature. What a nice poem you have shared so far! Incredible selection!

  2. Barbara, this poem makes my heart so happy. Your writing delights like none other. :-}

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