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It is important to me that the companies represented here are extremely conscious and environmentally-friendly. Most of the items are organic and some are even kosher certified. I have used these products in my Shop for many years.

Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit

No more searching for ingredients to prepare for this gentle cleanse. Provides the basic supplies you need to do a 7-day cleanse at home. 

Kitchari Spice Mix

This traditional spice mix helps stimulate your digestive fire so you can absorb all the wholesome goodness from your food. Perfect for cleanse.

Cleanse Kitchari Recipe Spice Mix, Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health & Healing
Energy Healing

In-person or Skype

Barbara Sinclair Energy Healing Services
Ayurvedic Consultation

One-hour Session

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Full Disclosure

Some products that I recommend are from companies for which I am an affiliate. I also use these products myself. This means is that if you click to buy, I receive a small amount from the sale, at no extra cost to you. I thank you kindly, for it helps to support the maintenance of this website which is my service to you. As they say in Scots Gaelic, “moran taing,” – many thanks!