Heart Health Arjuna Bark Powder


According to Ayurveda, Heart Health Arjuna Bark Powder (Terminalia arjuna) is the premiere herb for rejuvenation of the heart. This herb is known to strengthen and tone the circulatory system and helps promote proper functioning of the heart muscles. Heart Health Arjuna Bark Powder is believed to help maintain healthy blood pressure which is already within the normal range, as well as healthy cholesterol levels. Heart Health Arjuna Bark Powder is often used to balance emotions for those who are experiencing grief and sadness. Ayurveda teaches that Arjuna Bark Powder can help “mend a broken heart.” This herb is good for all three doshas, but in excess can aggravate Vata.



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The Heart Chakra, Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health & HealingThe Heart Chakra

Hence, the person who exercises, eats all the right foods and never smoked, yet has a heart attack, develops lung or breast cancer, or ends up with a compromised immune system. It is the stress, fear, anger or anxiety which has not been processed out of the body that is so harmful.

In my own case, right before I was told about the hole in my heart chakra (which she helped fill, by the way), I had just recovered from a 3-month bout of whooping cough. I learned during that illness that the lungs are the holding space in the body for grief, and that unprocessed grief can lead to illness or disease.

For thousands of years ancient healing modalities like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have known about chakras and the role they play in our physical and heart health. Chakra is a Sanskrit term for a spinning vortex that brings energy into our bodies and sends energy back out into the world. Heart Health Arjuna Bark Powder or Heart Health Arjuna Liquid Extract are great natural ways to achieve heart health.

Heart Health Arjuna Bark Powder or Liquid is 100% natural

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