Vitamin D3 Vegan


LifeSpa’s Vitamin D3 Vegan is a 100% vegan-suitable, plant-derived vitamin D3 formula. LifeSpa’s Vitamin D3 Vegan comes from special, organic lichen. To maintain stability and purity, all soil and plant matter is removed from the lichen and the vitamin D3-rich oil is extracted in a totally light-, heat-, and moisture-controlled, environment.

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The role of Vitamin D3 Vegan in good health continues to be revealed as the knowledge of this vitamin’s effects on different body systems expands. Research now suggests that optimal serum levels of Vitamin D3 support normal cell differentiation, cardiovascular health, normal immune function, good balance, healthy mood, normal fetal development, neuronal growth and neurodevelopment, healthy glucose metabolism, musculoskeletal comfort, periodontal health, and normal intestinal immune response. Areas of research that have gained momentum over the past several years focus on the relationship of Vitamin D3 deficiency or insufficiency to changes in cellular proliferation, changes in fetal brain development, and mental health. Evidence is also mounting that Vitamin D3  supplementation may provide key immune support.