Sometimes You Just Need to Get a Move On

September 11, 2020

I hadn’t owned a car in about fifteen years. That means I hadn’t driven in that many years either, except for last summer when I asked my nephew up at the lake if I could drive into town to see if I still had my Motor City driving skills.

It’s been at least a couple of years that I’ve been yearning to get out of Dodge, AKA Jersey City. But my attempts at getting out to investigate possible new locations were lame at best. I kept trying to nudge my Sagittarian sun self out to explore, but my Taurus moon/rising were firmly planted safe and sound in my home.

We love our caves.

So much has changed this year. Individually and collectively. I feel a sense of urgency now to get as far away from the big city as I possibly can. I’m hearing too many scenarios being played out and while I am still blessedly not in a state of fear, my eyes are wide open and I know that a move is urgently imminent. 

And, thus, two months ago I bought a car (her name is Willow) because I know that wherever I end up I’ll need wheels. No more city living for me. I did a practice road trip run in Upstate NY to visit friends before bravely (or stupidly) driving by myself! all the way to Michigan and back. 

Sometimes you just need to get a move on.

I spent time with family up north on Lake Leelanau, met a fellow plant-loving Instagram friend in person in Ohio, and camped (for the first time in my life!!) on the land of a friend of a friend in Central Pennsylvania. Nothing but mountains and forests and meadows and beautiful farmland in Amish country. I slept under the stars listening to the crickets and an owl, made some new friends, and then headed home. 

All the way back I focused on my next step. Clearing out my apartment and packing in anticipation of moving and starting my next life’s chapter. 

It might seem like packing is putting the cart before the horse but I’ve been guided to go with “If you build it it will come” or “If you pack like you’re moving, the house will appear.”

I have a strong mix of anxiety and excitement. But, thankfully, no fear. 

When the signs appear…pay attention.

Today I want to honor the precious city Willows that I biked by daily for years. I’ve shared so many stories about them. I named my new car after them. 🙂 

About four years ago I rounded the corner on a hot summer day to see a cherry picker and men hacking away at the Willows. I looked at the one on the end and honest to God, she looked embarrassed by her new haircut. They didn’t give her a trim. She was scalped. 

I felt this mixture of sorrow and anger rise up and on the way back from my ride I saw five men in suits observing the process. I screeched my bike to a halt and asked them why they were doing this, especially at the wrong time of year. Weeping Willows should be trimmed towards the end of winter when the tree is still dormant. 

My rant about the preciousness of city trees (city dwellers will understand me) was met by four blank stares (this chick is crazy!) but one guy got me – I saw it in his eyes. The next day I discovered that a little victory had happened – they had stopped and left the rest alone. 

From that moment on, something shifted in my relationship with the Willows. I sat with them almost daily. Meditated under them. Wrote under them. Had difficult phone conversations under them. Last year one of the Willows became my lifeline as I navigated a very emotional situation for months. 

This year, it was the Willows I sought out when I began to struggle with mask mandates and other restrictions.

“Speak your Truth” I heard one day while resting under the one I called Grandmother Willow. I really didn’t want to hear that. I wanted to just stay silent and hide.

I’ve had friends both quietly and not-so-quietly move on because of my resolve to remain true to myself and my beliefs. I was thinking about this the other day when I heard Mikki Willis, the creator of the Plandemic documentaries, say:

“You’re not in service to friendships, you’re in service to Truth.” — Mikki Willis

And now, these beloved trees have been cut down. It was done stealthily while blocking off the boardwalk to people. They weren’t the kind of majestic Weeping Willows you see on the edge of a lake, but they were healthy and looked beautiful to me. 

I always envisioned them sweeping away my sorrows with their gently moving fronds. 

I would eat one little leaf each day. Willow medicine. I’m grateful that I made a flower essence from the Willows two years ago. I always felt better after being in their presence. And, I realize that their absence is just one more reason for me to move on. 

I’ve learned how to be in Nature in the most unlikely of urban places, but I yearn to be somewhere where it’s more abundant. Where I can walk barefoot in the grass. Breathe clean air. Climb a tree or take naps under her canopy. Look up and see the mountains. 

I feel like I’m halfway there. Praying that I find my new home soon. 

I’m wondering about all of you. What changes have come about this year? Were there any unexpected blessings or mostly just chaos and hardship? I find personally that that’s often where the unexpected blessings are cloaked. Not that it makes it any easier for our human selves to contend with. 

Before I say goodbye, I’d like to share two videos with you. The first is by Ralph Smart whose uplifting/truth-telling/wacky daily chats have really helped keep me in a positive place in spite of the chaos in the world. He reminds me to trust in the Universe while also staying in my Power. You’ll get a little numerology tutorial at the beginning of the video before he moves into what’s getting URGENT NOW.

I’ve been saying “NO” a lot to mandates and rules that do not align with my beliefs – especially where bodily sovereignty is concerned. No one has the right to dictate what I should or should not do with my body. That, of course, includes wearing a face mask or getting a vaccine.

COVID = Certificate of Vaccine ID


Knowledge is power. Ignorance is slavery. — Ralph Smart

And, here’s a clip from Mikki Willis’ second documentary “Plandemic Indoctrination”. The information Mikki shares has been censored on almost every platform except his own website. That should clue you in to how important it is.

I highly recommend everyone make a big bowl of popcorn (or other comfort food), go to and watch and learn.

Much love,




  1. Your writing sounds like me if I was to write that way. When you got to “critical thinking” had my interest. Carry on

  2. Barb, I listen to Ralph Smart all the time myself. It’s funny that one day he appeared on my YouTube feed earlier this year out of nowhere. I never heard of him before that time. I see he has been on You Tube for years. Everything he talks about I see other people commend on later that week or the next day . Have fun finding your new space/dwelling. But also be careful. The weather is not normal everywhere as you know.

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