Synchronicity and The Five Pennies

December 19, 2009

Yesterday was my 56th birthday and although I generally shy away from attention on that day, I had such a happy occurrence of synchronicity that I wanted to share it with you.

A dear friend had given me an enormous brass locket that she said reminded me of something I might like. I was pondering what to put in the unique and rather cavernous piece but finally put it to rest, knowing that the right object would find its way into the locket.

I went to bed last night with thoughts of my parents, both deceased, and how fortunate I was to have them around for so long, but at the same time wishing for more years of their wisdom.

In the middle of the night, I heard a funny clinking sound but dismissed it. Later, the sound of multiple clinkings woke me again.

My first thought, of course, was a mouse, but luckily I was able to drift back to sleep. In the morning when I began making my bed, I discovered five pennies on the floor where they had fallen during the night. I had found my locket treasure!

One of my oldest and fondest memories of time spent with my mother and father was going to see the 1959 Danny Kaye movie “The Five Pennies”. I loved it so much that when my own children were growing up I often sang songs from it to them at bedtime.

My daughter, Amy, continued the tradition by singing it to her grandma and grandpa on their 50th wedding anniversary (I believe she was 4 or 5 years old), the five shiny pennies tucked neatly into a box.

I have it all on tape, but she would never speak to me again if I posted it here. So I will share with you instead a clip of Danny Kaye singing in the 1959 classic. It may not be your typical holiday movie, but the message of what matters most in life rings loud and true.

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  3. Hi Barbara,Happy Birthday! and thank you for your lovely story. The Five Pennies has quite a significant place in my life, and I was quite touched to know that it is remembered so fondly by others, as well. Speaking of synchronicity and The Five Pennies, I had a tad of that combination last week, as well. I've written about it on my website: With warmest regard and holiday greetings,Susan "Dorothy Nichols" Gordon

  4. Dear Susan, Oh my goodness – what a thrill to see this post!!! The synchronicity just goes on and on if you pay attention! Christmas night I was looking for a movie to watch and found "The Five Pennies" in my old VHS stash! I was in heaven watching it. I live in NYC and would have loved to be there on December 16th (the day before my birthday!) hearing you sing!Thank you so much for reaching out and commenting on my post. Wishing you a joyful, prosperous and healthy new year! Barbara

  5. Barbara, It's not just a syncrhonicity, it's a miracle! What a fantastic gift you were given – both from your friend and Spirit.

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