Striving for Balance Not Perfection

Ahh, the P word. Perfection. I never realized what a perfectionist I was until I started writing this newsletter. One night I was drifting off to sleep after having completed and scheduled a newsletter to go out the following morning. Suddenly, I bolted awake and rushed to my computer (had to turn it back on) […]

Kapha Season 2

“Kapha is the biological water humor, also translated as phlegm. It means ‘that which holds things together.’ Kapha dosha provides substance and gives support, and makes up the bulk of our bodily tissues.” – Dr. David Frawley I recently discovered that there is a meteorological date for the first day of spring (March 1st) and […]

Sneeze Relief!

Before you reach for that antihistamine, you might ¬†consider an eastern medicine approach to seasonal allergy relief. Both TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda treats allergies holistically and rather than focusing only on symptoms they work to get to the root cause which is often a hypersensitive immune system. Natural sneeze relief is possible! Try […]