Why Do We Feel so Anxious in the Fall?

Fall has officially arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you ever wonder why some of us tend to feel more anxious at this time of year? I’ll get to that in a bit, but first I want to mention the flip-flopping weather that happens around the juncture of the seasons. Where I live in […]

Children Have Doshas Too

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 10, 2012. Whenever I pass a schoolyard or a playground, I always play the Dosha Game. It’s a made-up game where I try to spot the little Vatas, Pittas, and Kaphas. It’s a perfect place to hone your Ayurveda skills because it’s easy to differentiate the […]

The Patience to Peel a Pomegranate

Sometimes you need to put in a little effort to reap the reward. Such is the case with a pomegranate. It takes patience to peel a pomegranate. Lots of folks pass up this powerhouse fruit because it seems like too much work. Or the seeds have a funny consistency. Or it’s not sweet enough. This […]

Did You Know Your Lungs Need Extra TLC When Grief Can Arise?

What do pears have to do with the lungs and grief? I had no idea myself until a three-month bout with whooping cough several years ago gave me a whole new reverence for the lungs and the pear. Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) revere the pear for its lung-healing properties. Its cooling nature helps when […]

A Time to Turn Within

I love all the seasons, and following an Ayurvedic lifestyle by living in harmony with Nature has made me even more aware of the importance of each of them. But if I had to pick a favorite, fall would win – hands down. A Time to Turn Within It’s ironic that I feel this way […]

Anxiety Alert! The Arrival of Vata Season

Here in the Northeast where I live, the heat of Pitta Season is slowly waning. Temperatures are fluctuating from day to day, turning cold and dry, and the wind is beginning to blow. Vata Season (fall/early winter) is making its appearance. The Arrival of Vata Season Anxiety Alert! Autumn has always been my favorite season. It brings […]

Why Expelling Excess Summer Heat Leads to a Healthier Fall

The junctures between the seasons are the perfect time to cleanse the body of any excesses which might have built up, both in the body and the mind. Failure to do this is an invitation for diseases to set in, if the body/mind is in a weakened state. Why Expelling Excess Summer Heat Leads to […]

Transitioning into Fall Vata Season

“It is the summer’s great last heat, It is the fall’s first chill: They meet.” – Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt Transitioning into Fall Vata Season Here in the Northeastern US where I live, fall is in the air. Well, sort of. It’s ever so subtle, but you can sense it. Apples have arrived at the […]

My Love Letter to New York City

For the past few months I had been writing my October Newsletter in my head. It was going to be my love letter to New York City as a farewell because October was my anticipated moving date to western North Carolina. I wrote about my change of mind, heart (and gut) here as you might recall, […]

Approaching Vata Season With Care

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons–sunny days, sweater weather and the breathtakingly beautiful changing leaves. But for as long as I can remember it has also been a time of agitation. I would experience uncertainty, anxiety and an overall feeling of being unsettled. This seasonal shift confused me for years, until I […]

Vata Season is Approaching!

According to the science of Ayurveda, pitta season will soon give way to Vata season.  This usually happens in late September, as summer turns to fall, but the effects can be felt as soon as the days start to shorten, the temperature drops and the wind begins to blow. Here in the northeast, after just […]

From Mary Oliver An American Treasure

I love all the seasons, but I love Autumn most of all. In my opinion, nobody captures the essence of nature better than our beloved Mary Oliver who I thought of when I saw this magnificent tree in Central Park.  Standing underneath it I felt as though I was in another world, far from the […]

Autumn Transitions an Ayurvedic Approach to Seasonal Change

Ah yes, the change of seasons. While the cooler, crisper air feels refreshing, the shift from summer into fall leaves many with a vague, unsettled feeling. For years, I would feel “off” every time September rolled around. My best, and wisest, friend Mary always reassured me that it would pass and every year it would, […]

Yellow Mung Dal

A hearty, nourishing and easily digestible dish that helps keep you calm and healthy during the seasonal change. This Yellow Mung Dal Recipe is a particularly Vata-pacifying but also good for all three doshas. Yellow Mung Dal Kitchari Recipe for Four 1 cup basmati rice (white or brown) 1/2 cup yellow split mung dal (or […]

Recipe of the Month: Squash Casserole and Mulled Cider

Squash is a warming and hearty vegetable that is fresh and abundant this season. Combined with protein rich beans, this is a balanced and grounding dish. Try this Recipe of the Month Squash Casserole and Mulled Cider and let me know what you think. Ralph’s Hearty White Bean and Squash Casserole Ingredients 1 Whole head […]

Recipe of the Month: Chicken Soup with Autumn Squash Muffins

Two recipes for the Recipe of the Month: Chicken Soup with Autumn Squash Muffins. I like the flavors of cinnamon in the autumn squash muffins with the chicken soup. Bernie was a great chef who cooked fast and his chopping of the vegetables for the chicken soup was hilarious! Super fast and chunky veggies that soaked […]