Are You Ready for Kapha Season?

This time of year can be a real challenge for many people and so I wanted to drop in and write a bit about why we might be feeling so sluggish. Cold, wet and heavy are a few qualities associated with Kapha dosha and therefore, with Kapha Season (late winter-spring). Ayurveda doesn’t put exact dates […]

Let Us Not Forget the Healing Power of Touch

With the recent #metoo and #timesup movements, I’ve been thinking a lot about touch. The focus lately, of course, has been on the wrong kind of touch. The kind that makes us feel shame and fear and anger. Used, violated, helpless, traumatized. Powerless. The uninvited kind. The kind that crossed a line. The kind that […]

What to Do When You Discover You’re a Full-Blown Empath

“You’re too sensitive.” Boy, if I had a penny for every time I heard that when I was growing up (or even as an adult), I’d be a millionaire. If someone chastised me or looked at me the wrong way, I felt as though I’d been punched in the stomach. I took on other people’s emotions. […]

Lean Against a Tree and Let Nature Heal You

I have my pink writing crown on (for real – I found it in a shop in Upstate NY last year) and still the words are struggling to show themselves. I’ve been absent from my blog for too long, and with each passing day I seem frozen in a strange waiting mode. I’ve noticed that […]

Is Optimism a Choice?

Many years ago someone said to me “You’re always so pessimistic.” Frankly, it took me by surprise. After all, I’m a Sagittarian, and by nature, we’re pretty darn optimistic. To make matters worse, this was a Virgo (notoriously one of the most pessimistic signs in the Zodiac) saying this to me. For some reason I […]

Who to Trust on Your Healing Journey

I remember when I HAD fibromyalgia how confused I was by what I should try, what I shouldn’t try, who I should trust, and who I shouldn’t trust on this healing journey I’d been suddenly thrust into. Something (luckily) triggered a change in me from being mostly Western medicine-minded to intuiting that alternative medicine was […]

Kitchari for One

Kitchari is Ayurveda’s ultimate version of a vegetarian chicken soup. Kitchari for One is my recipe for those of us who don’t need a whole big pot. This easy recipe is great during periods of cleansing, illness, or whenever your digestion needs a break. It’s a perfect meal during Kapha Season as it gently helps detoxify […]

Art & Ayurveda My Weekend Update

Yes, art and Ayurveda really do go together. This past weekend I participated in the Jersey City Art and Studio Tour. Hundreds of artists opened their studios and live/work spaces to the public. I was one of them. Having just moved to Jersey City a couple of months ago, it was a leap of faith […]