The Voice of Authenticity

Cruising along on my bike this morning, Judy Garland came singing through my iPod. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Who doesn’t love that song? But it wasn’t the movie version of the song, it was an older Judy singing at Carnegie Hall to a live audience. Her voice faltered a bit. But it was Judy’s voice, […]

My Bike Is My Muse

My bike is my muse. I had this thought the other day while riding my twenty-something-year-old PINK Giant mountain bike. It seems like all I have to do is hop on her and the ideas start to flow. Sometimes they flow like a river, sometimes they drip like a faucet, and sometimes they flood my […]

Remembering Ralph

I’m not someone who remembers dates. Let alone what day of the week it is. But May 5th is a date I don’t forget anymore. My partner, Ralph, died four years ago on that day. Cinco de Mayo. Remembering Ralph. If you have a healthy grieving process, you move forward, you move on, you heal. And […]