Learning What I Teach

Have you heard the saying “You teach what you need to learn”? What a truism that is! I’ve written so many articles about feelings and stress and breathing and meditating that I’ve lost count. Learning What I Teach Now I’m in the midst of chaos. I’m moving after being in the same apartment for many many […]

Loving Your Belly

I used to have that kind of relationship with my belly until I was introduced to two similar modalities that gave me a whole new outlook on this vastly under-appreciated part of our body. Here’s a description of both techniques by Dr. Gabrielle Francis, the Herban Alchemist. Mayan Abdominal Massage “This is an ancient massage […]

Healing With Inner Medicine

“No medicine, no matter how powerful, can replace your own. Life is simple. We’ve made it complex by adding massive amounts of material appendages to it, living in a state of over-stress, exaggerating our needs, believing that ‘more’ is better; but more options and more choices serve only to make an already packed life more […]

Conquering My Fear–I Did It! (And So Can You!)

I mentioned in my last post Loving My Introverted Self that I had received an email several weeks ago asking me to conduct an interview and I was terrified. Well, guess what? I did it! All the extroverts out there are probably thinking “Big deal,” but I know my fellow introverts are giving me a […]

Checking In On Grief

Yesterday while searching through thousands of my photos for an image to use in an article, I realized that I was mentally categorizing the photos as pre and post Ralph’s death. It made me pause and take a moment to drop into that space where I self-reflect on how I’m doing grief-wise. Pretty darn well, […]

A Season For Giving (to Yourself) 2

 Here’s a re-post of an article I wrote two years ago. I hope that this Season For Giving to Yourself 2 self-care tips help you breeze through the often chaotic month of December. I will be taking my own advice this year as the anxiety starts to creep in! The holiday season is all about […]

When Your Body Speaks, Listen

From the time I was a child, one of my gifts (or curses) was that my body talked to me. Not literally, of course, but in subtle sensations that brought my focus to where it needed to be. I have always been hyper-attuned to it, and while I would often pay attention and give it […]

Staying Healthy When Traveling

I think I traveled more this summer than in the rest of my life combined! Travel is fun and exciting but if you’re not careful it can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Here are some tips to feeling good when on the go. Preparation is the key to minimizing stress to staying healthy when […]

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

There is perhaps no greater fear that we humans have than the loss of a loved one. Many of you know that my beloved partner, Ralph, passed away unexpectedly on May 5th after a brief illness. He was my kind, gentle giant and as different as we appeared on the outside, on a soul level […]

One Minute Meditation

So here we are, 5 days until Christmas, and the mad rush is on. For those of you who are organized types (that’s you, Pitta!) these last few days will be a walk in the park. But for those of us who tend to procrastinate or get our best ideas at the last minute (a […]

Don’t throw out those tops!

At what point did it become the norm to only eat the roots of the radish plant?  Don’t throw out those tops! When fresh off the farm, this noble member of the mustard family (a close relative of turnips, cabbage, cauliflower and kale) offers wonderful nutrition in both the root and the greens.  In fact, […]

A Sigh of Relief

I already knew weeks ago that I wanted to make this newsletter about breathing, yet I kept putting off the actual task of writing it and now I’m glad I did. Here’s why: Last week, I took an unexpected trip to the Kripalu yoga retreat center in the Berkshire Mountains and discovered it to be […]

Super Green Smoothie

Oxygenate your blood and appease your taste buds with this super green smoothie. Chlorophyll-rich green veggies fill your body with much-needed oxygen and nutrients while banana adds just the right amount of sweetness. Super Green Smoothie Recipe In a blender, combine: -A large handful of washed, organic spinach or kale -1 ripe banana -2 cups […]

Healthy Food of the Week: The Mighty Pear

Who knew pears were so good for the lungs? I didn’t until my three-month bout with whooping cough gave me a whole new reverence for the lungs and the healthy food of the week the mighty pear. The Chinese know, and in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the pear is revered for its lung healing properties. Its […]