Ayurveda’s Tough Love Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep

Ayurveda’s Tough Love Recipe for a Good Night’s Sleep (Or How to Sleep Like a Baby) How many articles have you seen lately about getting a good night’s sleep? A lot, I daresay. That’s because it affects us all and any of us can fall prey to insomnia at any time. Don’t we all wish […]

Energy Staying Grounded

If I had to choose one health-related word that has been on my mind all year, it would have to be energy. I wrote about this topic last January after an illness made me realize how intertwined energy is with health and shortly thereafter, I began a year-long study of energy medicine and energy healing. […]

Energy For the New Year

The New Year is upon us and people everywhere are thinking about their resolutions. Whether it’s losing 5 pounds or giving something up, making too many specific goals sets us up for disappointment. This is especially true when your goals involve going without something you love or forcing yourself to do something you hate. A […]