Simplest Vegetable Soup Ever

Simplest Vegetable Soup Ever I was going to share this recipe on Facebook and then decided, what the heck, I’ll put it on the Blog. My friends and loved ones know this about me – I do not enjoy cooking. That being said, I probably eat 90% of my meals at home. I keep it […]

Kitchari for One

Kitchari is Ayurveda’s ultimate version of a vegetarian chicken soup. Kitchari for One is my recipe for those of us who don’t need a whole big pot. This easy recipe is great during periods of cleansing, illness, or whenever your digestion needs a break. It’s a perfect meal during Kapha Season as it gently helps detoxify […]

Bitter is Better

There’s a famous Ayurvedic saying – “Bitter is Better.” Our ancestors knew that food having a bitter quality helped with sluggish digestion and cleansing fats from the blood and liver. Our modern diet is seriously lacking in the bitter taste. Sweet, sour and salty are the tastes most of us gravitate towards. The less we consume of the […]

The Transformative Power of Spring

My favorite spring flower is the ranunculus! Ever since I’ve been a student of Ayurveda, I’ve begun paying more attention to the nuances of the seasons. It has changed my life so profoundly that frankly, I want everyone else to jump on board! Just the simple act of aligning with Mother Nature can reverse health […]