Serendipity is Beautiful and Real

I couldn’t sleep last night so fueled by a creative fire that has been reignited in me A constant buzz in my field feet struggling to stay on the ground I thought I would levitate off the bed My mind raced not knowing whether to reach for paint or pencils typewriter or my camera It’s overwhelming […]

My Love Affair with Crayons

When my daughter was a baby (Yikes! She’s turning 30!), I took a short hiatus from making art. But eventually, like it always does, it called me back. I didn’t have a studio at that time and so I set up shop in a small room in our house. I’ll never forget the day I […]

My Bike Is My Muse

My bike is my muse. I had this thought the other day while riding my twenty-something-year-old PINK Giant mountain bike. It seems like all I have to do is hop on her and the ideas start to flow. Sometimes they flow like a river, sometimes they drip like a faucet, and sometimes they flood my […]

Creativity in Bloom

Most people think of the tulip as the poster flower of spring. But for me, it’s the ranunculus. The first time I laid eyes on this precious flower was not in a garden bed but at my corner market in New York City many years ago. When I saw the little tissue paper flowers it […]

My Love Affair With Nature

I’m falling in love again…with Nature. It’s easy to do this as a child, of course. Wonderment and childhood go hand in hand. But to do this later in life, well, there’s a special something that happens. That wonderment has a maturity and childlike quality that together feed the soul like nothing else. I’ve never […]

The Transformative Power of Spring

My favorite spring flower is the ranunculus! Ever since I’ve been a student of Ayurveda, I’ve begun paying more attention to the nuances of the seasons. It has changed my life so profoundly that frankly, I want everyone else to jump on board! Just the simple act of aligning with Mother Nature can reverse health […]

Conquering My Fear–I Did It! (And So Can You!)

I mentioned in my last post Loving My Introverted Self that I had received an email several weeks ago asking me to conduct an interview and I was terrified. Well, guess what? I did it! All the extroverts out there are probably thinking “Big deal,” but I know my fellow introverts are giving me a […]

Loving My Introverted Self

When the same subject shows up repeatedly, I know that it’s time to write about it. A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with my naturopath who remarked that an introvert is someone who recharges by being alone, whereas an extrovert recharges by being with other people. “I’m an introvert” I stated. No […]

Waking the Sleeping Artist

My daughter, Amy, reminded me recently that I’m still an artist even though I haven’t produced any physical works of art in quite some time. I know that, of course, but it sure helps to hear it from someone other than myself (especially a loved one). I’ve been so busy focusing on my holistic health […]