Dealing With Life’s Traumas

Inevitably in our lives we find ourselves dealing with trauma. It might be ours or a friend or loved one’s. I have learned that no one is immune, and no one’s trauma is any more or less important than someone else’s. This is a very crucial lesson we need to learn. Because the danger lies […]

My Love Affair With Nature

I’m falling in love again…with Nature. It’s easy to do this as a child, of course. Wonderment and childhood go hand in hand. But to do this later in life, well, there’s a special something that happens. That wonderment has a maturity and childlike quality that together feed the soul like nothing else. I’ve never […]

Conquering My Fear–I Did It! (And So Can You!)

I mentioned in my last post Loving My Introverted Self that I had received an email several weeks ago asking me to conduct an interview and I was terrified. Well, guess what? I did it! All the extroverts out there are probably thinking “Big deal,” but I know my fellow introverts are giving me a […]

Welcoming My Second Saturn Return

Today’s my birthday. The big 5-9. I’m not looking for more birthday wishes or applause, but it does make me smile that I’m even sharing this with you. My friend, Mary, will attest to the fact that most of my life I’ve proclaimed “I don’t want any attention and I don’t need any attention.” I […]