Staying Hydrated the Ayurvedic Way

A friend recently posted on Facebook about her intention to drink more water going forward because it has such simple yet profound healing properties. I couldn’t agree more and quickly jumped on her bandwagon, determined to put more attention on my own tendency to be dehydrated. And, as I usually do these days, I look […]

Staying Hydrated

The amount of water we need to stay hydrated depends greatly on our constitution. Vata types can be chronically dehydrated (whether living in the desert or the North Pole), and often have issues with electrolyte balance as well. This can lead to all kinds of health issues. Often when Vatas drink a lot of water […]

Staying Healthy When Traveling

I think I traveled more this summer than in the rest of my life combined! Travel is fun and exciting but if you’re not careful it can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Here are some tips to feeling good when on the go. Preparation is the key to minimizing stress to staying healthy when […]