Are You Ready for Kapha Season?

This time of year can be a real challenge for many people and so I wanted to drop in and write a bit about why we might be feeling so sluggish. Cold, wet and heavy are a few qualities associated with Kapha dosha and therefore, with Kapha Season (late winter-spring). Ayurveda doesn’t put exact dates […]

Easy Ayurvedic Tips for Cleansing the Body and Mind in March

March roared in like a lion this year for those of us in the NYC area. The wind was gusting up to 50 mph and the temperature has been like a teeter-totter – 70 degrees yesterday and dipping down into the 30’s tomorrow. Typically a sorry and dreaded month, March seems to be even more […]

Be the Cherry Tree

“Because we are formed from nature and have a sympathetic resonance with her, only nature can heal us when we become ill. When we eat when we are hungry, rest when we are tired, and create when inspiration comes, we live in sync with nature’s tempos. Disease will not last in a body-mind that is […]

Why Expelling Excess Summer Heat Leads to a Healthier Fall

The junctures between the seasons are the perfect time to cleanse the body of any excesses which might have built up, both in the body and the mind. Failure to do this is an invitation for diseases to set in, if the body/mind is in a weakened state. Why Expelling Excess Summer Heat Leads to […]

More on Kapha Season

“Solid as a rock, cool as a glimmering stream in the white moonlight; such is the essence of Kapha. Kapha is the archetypal Mother Earth.” –Maya Tiwari If you live anywhere in the world where it’s late winter, then this information will apply to you. And if you’re one of my friends around the globe […]

Transitioning into Fall Vata Season

“It is the summer’s great last heat, It is the fall’s first chill: They meet.” – Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt Transitioning into Fall Vata Season Here in the Northeastern US where I live, fall is in the air. Well, sort of. It’s ever so subtle, but you can sense it. Apples have arrived at the […]

The Transformative Power of Spring

My favorite spring flower is the ranunculus! Ever since I’ve been a student of Ayurveda, I’ve begun paying more attention to the nuances of the seasons. It has changed my life so profoundly that frankly, I want everyone else to jump on board! Just the simple act of aligning with Mother Nature can reverse health […]

Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

  A couple of weeks ago I put the kettle on to boil some water for tea. I went to the sink to wash the dishes and was lost in my thoughts, when all of a sudden I smelled something burning. I turned around and saw the kettle engulfed in a huge flame. It took […]

Must See “Hungry For Change”

Oh, how I wish everyone was rushing to see the amazing new documentary Hungry For Change instead of The Hunger Games. I have been relentlessly telling everyone about this film by the creators of Food Matters. Whether you’re sick, overweight, depressed or just generally unhealthy, this film is for you. In fact, it’s for all […]

Kapha Season 2

“Kapha is the biological water humor, also translated as phlegm. It means ‘that which holds things together.’ Kapha dosha provides substance and gives support, and makes up the bulk of our bodily tissues.” – Dr. David Frawley I recently discovered that there is a meteorological date for the first day of spring (March 1st) and […]

Don’t throw out those tops!

At what point did it become the norm to only eat the roots of the radish plant?  Don’t throw out those tops! When fresh off the farm, this noble member of the mustard family (a close relative of turnips, cabbage, cauliflower and kale) offers wonderful nutrition in both the root and the greens.  In fact, […]

Sneeze Relief!

Before you reach for that antihistamine, you might  consider an eastern medicine approach to seasonal allergy relief. Both TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda treats allergies holistically and rather than focusing only on symptoms they work to get to the root cause which is often a hypersensitive immune system. Natural sneeze relief is possible! Try […]

Recipe of the Month Natural Cleaners for Home and Body

Natural Cleaners for the Body Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Here are two recipes that will help you to cleanse and rejuvenate your body. Lemon Water Recipe Half a lemon squeezed into warm water each morning wakes up your system, gets things moving and keeps your liver and kidneys happy. Add a […]

Healthy Food of the Week: Burdock Root

Burdock Root is the ugly duckling of the vegetable world. Despite its unsavory appearance, it should not be overlooked. Healthy Food of the Week: Burdock Root is a powerhouse veggie for health and happens to be incredibly flavorful as well. The farmers at my local market (Union Square in NYC) have written an excellent explanation […]

What Goes in MUST Come Out

We all do it, we all hate to talk about it, and we all need to know more about it. What Goes in MUST Come Out! Probably one of the most dreaded subject matters is the bowel movement. Nothing causes embarrassment more readily than the act itself and all things associated: flatulence, hemorrhoids, diarrhea and […]

August Morning Detox and Ginger Cooler

It seems that Europeans deemed August the month of Rest and Relaxation. As an American, I’ve always been envious of their practice of taking the whole month off to rest and rejuvenate. These help me get moving in the morning and in the hot month of August when I have much work to do! Morning Detox […]