I Am Love and I Am Here to Stay

A few years ago an intuitive healer/psychic medium said she’d been guided to give me this mantra: “I am love and I am here to stay.” She told me the guides were saying I could leave now if I chose. “Pardon me?”, I said. She repeated their message. I could leave now if I chose […]

Is Optimism a Choice?

Many years ago someone said to me “You’re always so pessimistic.” Frankly, it took me by surprise. After all, I’m a Sagittarian, and by nature, we’re pretty darn optimistic. To make matters worse, this was a Virgo (notoriously one of the most pessimistic signs in the Zodiac) saying this to me. For some reason I […]

Cold Windy Weather, Anxiety, and Vata Season

Here we are again, at the juncture of the seasons. Where I live in the Northeastern US, it seems as though the high heat and humidity will never leave. Elsewhere, hurricanes are raging. All of a sudden, it’ll be hat and scarf weather. Windy, cold and wet. Vata season. At this time of year, it’s […]

The Calm Before, During, and After the Storm

A Fire, a Hurricane, Meditation and 6.8 Million Lives My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones or their homes in Hurricane Sandy. Although affected by the storm, I still have a sturdy roof over my head and was unharmed. This past month has been full of challenges here in NYC and I […]