Even a Tree Can Set You Free

What unlocks the door to your feelings tucked away? The buried ones You know the ones that caused so much pain you didn’t know what to do with them so your body said “Here, let me take them for a while. You go on about your life and I’ll store them here for you. But […]

Did You Know Your Lungs Need Extra TLC When Grief Can Arise?

What do pears have to do with the lungs and grief? I had no idea myself until a three-month bout with whooping cough several years ago gave me a whole new reverence for the lungs and the pear. Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) revere the pear for its lung-healing properties. Its cooling nature helps when […]

Here Are My All Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Many many years ago my doctor said to me “You really should be on medication. You have too many highs and lows.” I stubbornly refused, telling her that the waxing and waning of my moods in many ways reflected my rhythm of making art. Some of my best work was created during the lows, some of […]

Remembering Ralph

I’m not someone who remembers dates. Let alone what day of the week it is. But May 5th is a date I don’t forget anymore. My partner, Ralph, died four years ago on that day. Cinco de Mayo. Remembering Ralph. If you have a healthy grieving process, you move forward, you move on, you heal. And […]

Missing My Biking and Movie Buddy

Missing My Biking and Movie Buddy Oh, how I miss my movie and biking buddy! It was three years ago today that my partner, Ralph, passed away. The date always creeps up on me and then he shows up in my dreams and I start seeing the signs. That’s when it dawns on me that the […]

Loving Your Belly

I used to have that kind of relationship with my belly until I was introduced to two similar modalities that gave me a whole new outlook on this vastly under-appreciated part of our body. Here’s a description of both techniques by Dr. Gabrielle Francis, the Herban Alchemist. Mayan Abdominal Massage “This is an ancient massage […]

Dealing With Life’s Traumas

Inevitably in our lives we find ourselves dealing with trauma. It might be ours or a friend or loved one’s. I have learned that no one is immune, and no one’s trauma is any more or less important than someone else’s. This is a very crucial lesson we need to learn. Because the danger lies […]

‘Tis the Season for Nurturing

I’ve been looking at this photo of my beloved cactus that I’ve decorated the last couple of years for inspiration/motivation. It’s been like pulling teeth getting me to put up any decorations this year. The “H” word still provokes feelings of intense anxiety for me. I was in a store at the end of October […]

Healing With Inner Medicine

“No medicine, no matter how powerful, can replace your own. Life is simple. We’ve made it complex by adding massive amounts of material appendages to it, living in a state of over-stress, exaggerating our needs, believing that ‘more’ is better; but more options and more choices serve only to make an already packed life more […]

Peeling the Layers of Grief

Peeling the Layers of Grief Last Sunday, May 5th, I awoke to voices cheering outside my window and looked out to see thousands of bikers lined up on Church Street, waiting for the Five Borough Bike Tour to begin. Approximately 32,000 riders. I had to smile. May 5th was also the two-year anniversary of my […]

Checking In On Grief

Yesterday while searching through thousands of my photos for an image to use in an article, I realized that I was mentally categorizing the photos as pre and post Ralph’s death. It made me pause and take a moment to drop into that space where I self-reflect on how I’m doing grief-wise. Pretty darn well, […]

Ralph’s Beach

Yesterday I awoke to the sound of wild roosters crowing. This morning it was back to fire engines, garbage trucks and angry car horns honking. Why do I still live in NYC? I just returned from a trip to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands where I finally traveled to scatter my partner, Ralph’s […]

Riding the Waves of Grief

At a recent energy medicine workshop, my teacher said something to a fellow student that caught my attention. Grief has its own schedule. We can’t fit it into a weekend. Boy, can I relate to that. It has been 10 months today since my partner, Ralph, passed away, and I feel as though I have […]

Looking Back in Wonder at 2011

Rather than making predictions or resolutions for the coming year, I dedicated my latest newsletter to some of the unexpected changes that happened to me in 2011. I want to share it with you here. This is not a typical list of goals that I accomplished, but rather life lessons that presented themselves to me […]

When Your Body Speaks, Listen

From the time I was a child, one of my gifts (or curses) was that my body talked to me. Not literally, of course, but in subtle sensations that brought my focus to where it needed to be. I have always been hyper-attuned to it, and while I would often pay attention and give it […]

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

There is perhaps no greater fear that we humans have than the loss of a loved one. Many of you know that my beloved partner, Ralph, passed away unexpectedly on May 5th after a brief illness. He was my kind, gentle giant and as different as we appeared on the outside, on a soul level […]

Remembering Mom

Meditation has a funny way of gently prodding all our buried emotions and bringing them to the surface. This morning during my daily meditation my thoughts kept drifting to my mother, now deceased for 10 years. It’s no coincidence that today is her birthday. I have “successfully” buried the pain of my mother’s death for […]