Peeling the Layers of Grief

Peeling the Layers of Grief Last Sunday, May 5th, I awoke to voices cheering outside my window and looked out to see thousands of bikers lined up on Church Street, waiting for the Five Borough Bike Tour to begin. Approximately 32,000 riders. I had to smile. May 5th was also the two-year anniversary of my […]

Kapha Season

According to Ayurveda, the 7,000-year-old system of mind, body, and spirit holistic health, if you’re anywhere in the world where winter is transitioning into spring, it’s Kapha season. Here in the Northeastern United States where I live, the transition is evident. Although there’s still a lot of wind (Vata element) we’re seeing more moisture in […]

Staying Healthy When Traveling

I think I traveled more this summer than in the rest of my life combined! Travel is fun and exciting but if you’re not careful it can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Here are some tips to feeling good when on the go. Preparation is the key to minimizing stress to staying healthy when […]

Energy Staying Grounded

If I had to choose one health-related word that has been on my mind all year, it would have to be energy. I wrote about this topic last January after an illness made me realize how intertwined energy is with health and shortly thereafter, I began a year-long study of energy medicine and energy healing. […]

Grounded with Root Veggies

Thes Root Veggie Fries are amazing! Excerpted from Clean Food by Terry Walters. I love the taste of the parsnips and olive oil roasted! Recipe of the Month Get Grounded with Root Veggies Ingredients 1 rutabaga, peeled 4 carrots 4 parsnips, peeled 3 T extra-virgin olive oil 1/4 c yellow corn meal 1 tsp course […]

Celeriac Soup with Jerusalem Artichokes

Celeriac and Jerusalem Artichokes are both available in the winter (especially fresh from your local farmer’s market) and are excellent in this creamy soup. They are both root vegetables which are satisfying and help to ground us. Makes sense, right? Ingredients: 1-2 Large celeriac (Also called celery root), chopped 4 medium Jerusalem artichokes, chopped Cashew […]