Three Days of Stabbing Pain and My Mind-Body Connection

Three Days of Stabbing Pain and My Mind-Body Connection Oh, Universe, you are too clever! A client of mine who has fibromyalgia recently asked me this question. “Do you ever fear that the pain will return?” “Not really”, I replied. And that’s the truth. It’s been years since those days of Pain All Over and […]

Fear in Fibromyalgia and How Ayurveda Can Help

It was quite a while after I’d healed from fibromyalgia that I happened upon something Louise Hay, one of the founders of the self-help movement, had said. “Fibromyalgia is fear showing up as extreme tension due to stress.” – Louise Hay Well, I didn’t know about the fear factor in fibromyalgia at the time, but […]

After You’ve Healed

“Protect Yo HeART” by UncuttART Almost every week someone reaches out to me with a fibromyalgia story. They likely Googled “fibromyalgia” and found my “Pain All Over” article that I wrote a few years ago. They ask “Did you really heal?” Yes, I did. I sense their desperation. Sometimes I feel their fear, hopelessness, depression, […]

Making Ayurveda Digestible

Making Ayurveda Digestible (Pun Intended) Pretty much everyone that knows me or has visited my website is aware that Ayurveda changed my life by helping me heal from fibromyalgia. It seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle that brought me to the finish line where I could raise my arms in victory and […]

Staying Calm in a Sea of Chaos

I don’t know how or when it happened. Having lived a life mostly in a state of high anxiety, I now find myself staying calm in a sea of chaos. Actually, I do know how and when it happened. When I began meditating several years ago. Everything changed. I used to be terrified of flying, […]

Does Trying to Stay Healthy Sometimes Make You Crazy?

Raise your hand if on your path to becoming healthier you might have become a little obsessive-compulsive. A little confused. A little over-zealous. A little C R A Z Y! I remember clearly back in 2009 when I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition being asked a similar question. I was just emerging from seven […]

Pain All Over: My Healing Journey from Fibromyalgia

For someone who suffered from fibromyalgia for seven years, it’s odd that I’ve never really written about it. It was such a defining moment in my life, yet thankfully I never let it define me. So I’ve been hesitant to write about it. It happened, it changed the course of my life, and I moved […]

When Your Body Speaks, Listen

From the time I was a child, one of my gifts (or curses) was that my body talked to me. Not literally, of course, but in subtle sensations that brought my focus to where it needed to be. I have always been hyper-attuned to it, and while I would often pay attention and give it […]

Pain Management Workshop in TriBeCa

Moving Beyond Pain is a two-hour Pain Management Workshop in Tribeca designed for those suffering from chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue or RA.  Coping with symptoms on a daily basis can make a person feel like they are defined by their condition.  This workshop teaches how to separate the self from the symptoms […]

My Love Affair with Plants

It began innocently enough – a houseplant here, a garden flower there, until quite recently, when my obsession with plants became a full-blown love affair. I began to wonder, what is it about plants that makes me feel so good? My home is filled with an ever-expanding collection of houseplants and my table always feels […]