To Feel Calm is a Powerful Force

One constant has remained throughout these past months and that is that I feel fearless. Not in a smug, “I’m not afraid of anything” kind of way. It has been strange, I’ll admit. I’ve felt like I’m riding a wave of calm surrounded by an ocean of fear.

A Question of Silent Awe

In a writing course I’m taking (“30 Questions to Bring You Closer to Your Wild Heart”), I was asked what delivered me to a state of silent awe. This was my answer. It takes a lot to still me to stop the motion pause and reflect A busy bee An Energizer bunny I’ve been called […]

The Healer Needed Healing This Summer

It’s been over two months since I’ve written on this blog. Sometimes I’ll notice a big gap on other blogs that I follow and wonder what’s up. But in this crazy age of too much information, it’s often a much-needed respite for both the writer and the reader. When summer began I said I was […]

Even a Tree Can Set You Free

What unlocks the door to your feelings tucked away? The buried ones You know the ones that caused so much pain you didn’t know what to do with them so your body said “Here, let me take them for a while. You go on about your life and I’ll store them here for you. But […]