Making Ayurveda Digestible

Making Ayurveda Digestible (Pun Intended) Pretty much everyone that knows me or has visited my website is aware that Ayurveda changed my life by helping me heal from fibromyalgia. It seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle that brought me to the finish line where I could raise my arms in victory and […]

Striving for Balance Not Perfection

Ahh, the P word. Perfection. I never realized what a perfectionist I was until I started writing this newsletter. One night I was drifting off to sleep after having completed and scheduled a newsletter to go out the following morning. Suddenly, I bolted awake and rushed to my computer (had to turn it back on) […]

Kapha Season

According to Ayurveda, the 7,000-year-old system of mind, body, and spirit holistic health, if you’re anywhere in the world where winter is transitioning into spring, it’s Kapha season. Here in the Northeastern United States where I live, the transition is evident. Although there’s still a lot of wind (Vata element) we’re seeing more moisture in […]