Who to Trust on Your Healing Journey

I remember when I HAD fibromyalgia how confused I was by what I should try, what I shouldn’t try, who I should trust, and who I shouldn’t trust on this healing journey I’d been suddenly thrust into. Something (luckily) triggered a change in me from being mostly Western medicine-minded to intuiting that alternative medicine was […]

Pink Is Everything! The Healing Power of Color

Detail of “Pink Is Everything!“ One afternoon last January while meditating, I heard/saw the words “Pink is Everything!” Exclamation point and all. Whatever did it mean? At first, I took it literally, as we humans often do. Pink? I was never a pink kind of girl. Or woman. Never particularly liked the color. But wait […]

Follow Your Intuition Live Your Life!

“We wake up one day and find that we have lost our dreams in order to protect our days.” – Kent Nerburn It’s April and I could write about the luscious healthy spring greens that are starting to appear at the farmer’s market, but I’m bursting to tell you about my recent trip to Guatemala. […]