Creativity in Bloom

Most people think of the tulip as the poster flower of spring. But for me, it’s the ranunculus. The first time I laid eyes on this precious flower was not in a garden bed but at my corner market in New York City many years ago. When I saw the little tissue paper flowers it […]

When Your Body Speaks, Listen

From the time I was a child, one of my gifts (or curses) was that my body talked to me. Not literally, of course, but in subtle sensations that brought my focus to where it needed to be. I have always been hyper-attuned to it, and while I would often pay attention and give it […]

The Heart Chakra

The first time I started paying attention to my heart chakra was about a year ago when an energy healer told me that I had a hole in mine. Huh??? A hole in my heart chakra? What does that even mean? My response was to dive headlong into a year of studying energy medicine and […]

Go Ahead Write it Down!

 I think I must have been in the 4th grade when I began my “I’m sorry” letter writing practice.  “I’m sorry I kicked over the cabinet filled with china.”  (Oh yes I did!  It’s the only violent thing I’ve done in my entire life.)  “I’m sorry that I’m such a bratty daughter.”  You get the […]