What I Heard Three Years Ago Today

It was the afternoon of 1-11-15 Cozy in my worn leather chair I settled into my afternoon meditation Noise-cancelling headphones, check Eyemask, check Stone in hand, check Frankincense burning, check I must have been blissfully gone somewhere wherever it is we go while breathing saying the mantra world’s away or maybe not Suddenly I heard […]

An Optimistic Nature-Lover’s View of Winter Storm Jonas

Let me first say that I no longer own a car, or have any need to drive one. Everywhere I need to go I can walk or take public transportation. I live in an apartment and so I don’t have to shovel to get out. I work at home. I have lots of little markets […]

Staying Calm in a Sea of Chaos

I don’t know how or when it happened. Having lived a life mostly in a state of high anxiety, I now find myself staying calm in a sea of chaos. Actually, I do know how and when it happened. When I began meditating several years ago. Everything changed. I used to be terrified of flying, […]

Here Are My All Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

Many many years ago my doctor said to me “You really should be on medication. You have too many highs and lows.” I stubbornly refused, telling her that the waxing and waning of my moods in many ways reflected my rhythm of making art. Some of my best work was created during the lows, some of […]

Pink Is Everything! The Healing Power of Color

Detail of “Pink Is Everything!“ One afternoon last January while meditating, I heard/saw the words “Pink is Everything!” Exclamation point and all. Whatever did it mean? At first, I took it literally, as we humans often do. Pink? I was never a pink kind of girl. Or woman. Never particularly liked the color. But wait […]

A Quiet, Mindful Evening in NYC

I had the most remarkable experience on Friday night here in NYC. Yes, I ventured out on a Friday night. Not to a club, or a party, but to a flash mob meditation in Union Square, organized by the monks and nuns of Blue Cliff Monastery.  The meditation was in honor of their teacher, Thich […]

Creativity in Bloom

Most people think of the tulip as the poster flower of spring. But for me, it’s the ranunculus. The first time I laid eyes on this precious flower was not in a garden bed but at my corner market in New York City many years ago. When I saw the little tissue paper flowers it […]

The Calm Before, During, and After the Storm

A Fire, a Hurricane, Meditation and 6.8 Million Lives My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones or their homes in Hurricane Sandy. Although affected by the storm, I still have a sturdy roof over my head and was unharmed. This past month has been full of challenges here in NYC and I […]

Taking Charge of Our Own Health

“Within all of us is the archetype of the Divine healer. This Divine healer is the true healer in all beings, not any particular individual or special personality. To heal ourselves we must set this Divine healer in motion within ourselves.” – Sri Dhanvantari Namah In the wee hours of March 31, 2012, I awoke […]

Fear of Flying

I am here to tell you that you can get over your fear of flying. I vividly remember landing at Chicago O’Hare Airport years ago with my family. As the plane pitched from side-to-side approaching the runway in the Windy City, every nerve in my body stood at attention. “Why is the pilot speeding up […]

The Heart Chakra

The first time I started paying attention to my heart chakra was about a year ago when an energy healer told me that I had a hole in mine. Huh??? A hole in my heart chakra? What does that even mean? My response was to dive headlong into a year of studying energy medicine and […]

The Present Moment

During this busiest of weeks, I want to share some thoughts from the gentle, loving Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. “We can smile, breathe, walk, and eat our meals in a way that allows us to be in touch with the abundance of happiness that is available.  We are very good at preparing to […]

Don’t Worry About the Weather

Summer has been slow settling in this year, and I have been wondering why I have not joined the ranks of people complaining about the weather. The only explanation I have for this is the change that I have experienced since beginning a meditation practice. I used to fixate on the weather, letting the rain […]