She Who Sits With Trees

Today, no one will steal my Joy. Today, it’s all about Mother Earth. With moon and rising signs in Taurus, my heart yearns for and is filled by, Nature. I will paint about her, write about her, dream about her. Happy Earth Day, beautiful Mother, and all of us who inhabit you!

Lean Against a Tree and Let Nature Heal You

I have my pink writing crown on (for real – I found it in a shop in Upstate NY last year) and still the words are struggling to show themselves. I’ve been absent from my blog for too long, and with each passing day I seem frozen in a strange waiting mode. I’ve noticed that […]

Why Following the Ayurvedic Clock Changes Everything

I spend a good part of every day (and night) observing myself and others in an Ayurvedic light. I can’t help myself. I really can’t. It has informed and changed me that much. Here’s why following the Ayurvedic clock changes everything. When I walk the streets of NYC it’s a veritable schoolhouse for observing the […]

How I Became A Rock Hound

I guess I’ve always been a stone gatherer. My love affair with stones and rocks and pebbles and crystals began in childhood. On our summer vacations Up North, as we Michiganders like to say, I would walk for hours along the shoreline searching for stones that caught my eye. How I Became A Rock Hound […]

An Optimistic Nature-Lover’s View of Winter Storm Jonas

Let me first say that I no longer own a car, or have any need to drive one. Everywhere I need to go I can walk or take public transportation. I live in an apartment and so I don’t have to shovel to get out. I work at home. I have lots of little markets […]

When Did We Start to Fear Mother Nature’s Medicine?

I don’t ever remember being given herbal remedies when I was growing up. Instead, it was the dreaded pink Pepto Bismol, or aspirin, or the new kid on the block, Tylenol. When did we start to fear Mother Nature’s Medicine? I guess my mother didn’t have any role models to teach her natural healing and […]

Becoming an Earth Keeper

Becoming an Earth Keeper Last weekend I traveled again to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. I wanted to return after having a wonderful experience there just a few weeks ago.  Serendipitously, my friend Robin mentioned that she would be there attending The Great Shamanic Initiation. I checked Omega’s website and immediately signed up. I […]

The Thrill of a New Path

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved paths. Walking on them, biking on them – all the while loving the mystery of where they took me. The Thrill of a New Path. […]

Come March With Me For Climate Change!

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so passionate about anything in my life as I am about the sad state that our beloved Mother Earth is in. My heart aches for her – the plants and animals, oceans, lakes, rivers, and the land that we humans walk upon With each year that I grow older, […]

Healing Under the Willow Trees

“If you want to meet the most powerful healing plants in the world, just open your door and step outside.” – Eliot Cowan This morning I woke up filled with melancholy and it felt so uncomfortable. Why was it there? Was it because it’s Labor Day, a holiday, and I’m home alone? But I like spending […]

Love Blast to NYC in Spite of the Heat!

Almost every day, weather permitting, I ride my bike down by the Hudson River. I often pass the North Cove Marina with its extravagant yachts hovering over the little red sailboats of the Manhattan Sailing School. And there, woven right into the railing, are the words of the writer and poet Frank O’Hara. “One need […]

Healing With Inner Medicine

“No medicine, no matter how powerful, can replace your own. Life is simple. We’ve made it complex by adding massive amounts of material appendages to it, living in a state of over-stress, exaggerating our needs, believing that ‘more’ is better; but more options and more choices serve only to make an already packed life more […]

A Walk in the Park

It’s a funny thing how sometimes we inspire ourselves! I published a post yesterday called Creativity in Bloom, and all morning, that little voice was whispering to me to heed my own advice. It was a picture-perfect spring day here in NYC, and I had an Ayurvedic consultation scheduled at 4:00 pm Uptown, so I […]

Creativity in Bloom

Most people think of the tulip as the poster flower of spring. But for me, it’s the ranunculus. The first time I laid eyes on this precious flower was not in a garden bed but at my corner market in New York City many years ago. When I saw the little tissue paper flowers it […]

My Love Affair With Nature

I’m falling in love again…with Nature. It’s easy to do this as a child, of course. Wonderment and childhood go hand in hand. But to do this later in life, well, there’s a special something that happens. That wonderment has a maturity and childlike quality that together feed the soul like nothing else. I’ve never […]

The Transformative Power of Spring

My favorite spring flower is the ranunculus! Ever since I’ve been a student of Ayurveda, I’ve begun paying more attention to the nuances of the seasons. It has changed my life so profoundly that frankly, I want everyone else to jump on board! Just the simple act of aligning with Mother Nature can reverse health […]

Looking Back in Wonder at 2011

Rather than making predictions or resolutions for the coming year, I dedicated my latest newsletter to some of the unexpected changes that happened to me in 2011. I want to share it with you here. This is not a typical list of goals that I accomplished, but rather life lessons that presented themselves to me […]

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Even though summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd, let’s face it, we feel it coming to a close. What I did on my summer vacation this year was unusual – I traveled a lot more than usual, admittedly running away from my home where my partner, Ralph was no longer with me to do […]

Follow Your Intuition Live Your Life!

“We wake up one day and find that we have lost our dreams in order to protect our days.” – Kent Nerburn It’s April and I could write about the luscious healthy spring greens that are starting to appear at the farmer’s market, but I’m bursting to tell you about my recent trip to Guatemala. […]

From Mary Oliver An American Treasure

I love all the seasons, but I love Autumn most of all. In my opinion, nobody captures the essence of nature better than our beloved Mary Oliver who I thought of when I saw this magnificent tree in Central Park.  Standing underneath it I felt as though I was in another world, far from the […]